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CanFTB |Ultimate| |PVE/PVP| |9Gb| |24/7|


Welcome to CanFTB
Have you ever wanted to be on a server where the staff cares about the state of the server and the players
who are helpful and where your donations actually go 100% into the server and not into
someones pocket? Then this server is for you, on our server the players get a full say in how they want it
to be operated have a plug in you want implemented? we will take a vote and if majority wants it will go in
want to see a new mod? sure we will take a vote.

We want this server to be a place where peoples creativity can take over so they can make the best creations possible

We are trying to offer a little bit for everyone with things like.
-A world for PVP

  • mini games
  • competitions
  • trasure hunts


No Stealing (will result in an instant ban)
No Griefing (will result in an instant ban)
Mystcraft ages are limited to ones at spawn
Chunk Loaders are limited to 2 per player (this is subject to change if server performance is effected)
Nuclear Reactors MUST be properly shielded before initial start
No Nukes (use of one will result in an instant ban)
No quarries in the main world please use the portals at spawn
Be Respectful to all players
No Spamming Chat

Banning in most situations is a last resort however depending on a situation a ban could occur instantly
there are no appeals if you have been banned it was for a reason and will be final

-Basic info-
-We are 24/7
-9GB of Ram
-No Lag we have a TPS rate of 20 and that does not drop below 18
-We are not a pay to win server


-chest shop
-Simple Region Market

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