This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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xCraft(NoLag Server)


xCraft FTB Ultimate Pack 1.1.2

We run FTB Ultimate! If you are unable to join or it says missing mods be sure to update your mod pack!

List of banned Items:
Portal Guns
Gravity Guns
Wand Of Equal Trade
Wand Of Excavation
Wrath Igniter
Canvas Bag
Chunk Loader(Use Personal Anchor)
World Anchor(Use Personal Anchor)
Anchor Sentinel(Use Personal Anchor)
TNT(Placement Banned)
iTNT(Placement Banned)
Ages(Buy From Shop)
Turtles(Need License From Shop)

Main Features

  • Grief Prevention & Player Driven Economy


Absolutely no cheating; Any kind of hacking will be prompt and immediate action. We have multiple anti-cheat plugins and we're always on the lookout for violators. 

Griefing is allowed in unprotected areas. You may destroy anything that is not protected. This is a PVP server, so expect combat.

Respect the Staff, Admins, Moderators and especially other players, it's a game, have fun and play fair!

No Spamming or Advertising, this includes constant CAPS.

Do not ask for promotions, rank ups or Op, you won't get it.

We will not spawn items for you, don't ask. It's not a Creative server, its Survival.

If you have a problem or a question ask a staff member, to help you! Don't just shout over and over.

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