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[FTB Unleashed] UltimaCraft No Banned items Grief,


Welcome to Ultimacraft! Grief, raid, steal, whatever. Nothing is banned! There are only a few simple rules:

1.) Be respectful just because your eneimes doesn't mean you can spit racial slurs. Trash talk is, to some degree, ok, but if an admin tells you to stop, listen or else
A.) Don't grief spawn or kill players fresh from spawn by waiting. If an admin feels you are doing this, then you will be notified... If you do not comply, you will be punished. If you feel you were wrongly accused, and thus banned, you may appeal it, as always, so long as you are mature
B.) Be mature... whining gets you nothing but a hard time

2.) Listen to admins They're say is final! If you present your case kindly, they will listen. If you believe you are being mistreated by an admin, you may contact a supirior ranking member, even as far as the owner :D

3.) No hacking! 'nuff said

4.) Have fun :D Remember, it's only a game :D So what you lost your diamond armor, I highly doubt it contributed anything reputable to your resume :D

If you need to get in touch with the owner at any time, you may contact me through PMC or email me at No spam, or I will block you and most likely deny any requests in the future for help. However, if you have an issue with an admin, please feel free to contact me :D

Owner: Okami817 (thats me)
Admins: Icey_Taco Bdog99750

Description of roles-

Owner: I own the server, i call the shots
Admin: Have almost as much power as owner. Able to ban, kick, etc. Allowed to restart the server at their discretion. (Basically people i trust the most to run the server as friendly and neatly as I do)
Moderators: Like admins, but are not allowed to restart, ban, or make major changes to things like motd and whatnot. Punishment for a moderator preforming any of these actions without the consent of the OWNER will result in a perma ban. (They are simply to make sure I have eyes on the server at all times. However, they are mostly people I do not yet trust enough to be admins. Perhaps if they prove themselves...)

We will also host events fairly often, with uber prizes (like epicly enchanted items)

We also have an Admin Battle Arena, where you can test your skills against the admins and their Super Duper Uber Armor (Be warned, you WILL die, however, any lost items will be comped ;P)


Mob Arena

To Do:


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