This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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IslandScape | 24/7, PVE, Survival, MindCrack


IslandScape is a new Mindcrack server, dedicated to bringing you the best possible player experience possible, with plugins to make things easy to a great shop selection for donators.

The server is run and maintained by experienced Owners and Administrators, so everything will always run smoothly and will smooth out the bumps in a timely manner and are open to suggestions on how we can improve things.

The staff are friendly and helpful. We don't cheat, spawn items, grief, troll or abuse our members, as we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves on this great server.

Plugins this server uses are:
-ModReq ( use /ModReq in game with a question for staff and it will create a ticket that a staff member will claim and help you when they can to prevent in game spam and that ensures everyone will be helped).

-AlphaChest ( this allows you to carry a double chest of items with you at all times that can be accessed by /chest. This acts as a secondary inventory so if you die this chest gets dropped along with your main inventory and /workbench, which acts as a portable crafting table, so you can craft items at any time without having to place a crafting bench.

-SecureChest (this plugin works to lock your machines, chests, barrels, solar panels, etc as Grief Prevention, so only you and people you add to your global trusted list can access your items using /sc lock, and /sc gadd, which is how you can add a player to your trusted list without having to individually add a player to each item you have locked.

-DeathControl (this plugin allows you to keep items on death, provided you have the perk for permission to use this plugin).

IslandScape does have banned items, we don't like to ban items as much as you guys don't like not being able to use them, but this prevents Griefing and a better overall experience on the server. We do have a Restricted Item list, where you can buy an item license in the webshop to be able to craft, use, and own the item you want that is on the restricted list, which include;

-Vajra (bypasses protections and regions).
-Mining Laser (bypasses protections, griefing tool).
-Personal Anchor (people could use this to keep lag machines loaded while they are somewhere else in game).
-Crystal Chests (these chests are like items sitting on the ground and cause lag due to the server thinking entities are on the ground).
-Melee Turtle ( these are crafted using Mining Turtles which bypass protections and are a major griefing machine).
-Pellet Launchers (these items can bypass pvp restrictions, killing players, and if set on a clock can cause major lag on the server).

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