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Laminated Concrete


Yes, this server is called the "Laminated Concrete Server". No I'm not trying to be funny.

From what I've observed, normally you post facts about your server, so here are some facts.
This server is running FTB Infinity Evolved version 2.5.
The server IP address is:
There are no banned items.
PvP is allowed.
Yes you can kill people...and steal stuff...and brag about it...ect ect.
No cheating, cruelty, ect.
Oh, and snap...check this out. We have a TEAMSPEAK 3 SERVER!! OH MY GOD ISN'T THAT ORIGINAL??
Teamspeak 3: (guess what. yep. same IP as the minecraft server. crazy right?)

Specs: Nope. In my opinion, specs don't even matter to the player. Location makes sense (USA midwest btw) because that's relevant to connection quality and can allow a player to (sorta) predict connection issues. But specs are out of your (the player's) control. And if I've actually taken the time to put together and host a server, you're damn sure it's going to be able to run it. Therefore, specs = can run it just fine.

Up-time: Whenever it can be.
"OH MY GOD THE SERVER AND TEAMSPEAK ARE DOWN WHAT DO I DO???!?!!11?11!!!?/!?!!!?!?!/1?!?!!?!?!!!1"
Sometimes, the ISP of the server decides that it doesn't actually want to provide internet. So...we figured it might be a good idea to have a way to let you guys know if something is going on.....SO GET IN THE STEAM GROUP:
You can also check this Reddit thread for updates. We also have a backup Teamspeak server. Come ask what happened.
Backup Teamspeak:

If you have questions, get in Teamspeak. If you decide you hate someone, get in Teamspeak. If you don't want to die terribly to someone, getting in Teamspeak to make friends isn't a bad idea.

Feast your eyes on our evident advancement in the world!!!!! WE HAVE A F.A.Q.!!!! IT'S GLORIOUS!!!! LOOK AT IT!!!! (got a question that isn't there? ask us and your question might be added!!)

I'm sure things will be tweaked as things progress. This post will update as needed.

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