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WHITELIST- Surtrhival Craft (FTB Direwolf20 1.7.1


Me and a couple friends have decided to host a little server to FTB Direwolf20 1.7 on, and we've decided the more the merrier!

It's mainly a peaceful server, mostly about exploring the modpack rather than having to worry about people killing you/stealing your stuff.

There are already 4 of us, and we can likely handle at least another 5 people with the server that we are paying for.

If you're interested you can apply for whitelisting by simply emailing us at In your application please send us the following information:

-Your real first name and age (if you want)

-Your minecraft username

-Your multiplayer minecraft experience

-Why you are interested in playing with us

If we can determine from your email that you will bill a viable, safe new member of our server, then we will whitelist you and also give you access to our personal teamspeak.

Players we don't want:

-Want to pvp/grief for no real reason

-Are immature

-Aren't really dedicated to playing with us

-Aren't cool/chill/laid back

All in all, we hate to have to make you guys go through such a process to play with us, but we really want to ensure our fellow players are as dedicated and friendly as we are!

Thanks for thinking about us as an option for your server, and we look forward to your application!

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