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ShadowRaptor - FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition


FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition :

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Dedicated Server Hardware AMD Ryzen 9 5950x 16-Core Processor | 128GB ECC RAM | Full NVME Storage

Welcome to ShadowRaptor Network! We are a Modded Minecraft server network that hosts FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition, Hexxit II, FTB StoneBlock 2, and FTB OceanBlock servers, with a server that will feature our custom modpack, "Galactic Drive" on the way!

Our FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition server is running a no-plugin basic forge server. There are little restrictions on what you can do currently, only what is present in our rules and at the server spawn. Join up and enjoy!

  • The /home, /spawn, and /tpa commands are enabled

  • Half pre-generated world at a 18000x18000 world border with a Random Teleport available

  • Discord Integration between In-Game and our Discord chat is present!

  • If you are offline for 24 hours, your force-loaded (NOT claimed) chunks will be unloaded.

All of our servers restart every 12 hours. Note that this server is NOT connected to our main server proxy, so you will not redirect to our hub. Our rules are simple, but ever changing. Make sure to check them for changes occasionally.

Owner: Zediious
Head-Moderator: R_Macs
Moderator: MarshyO_o
Trial-Mod: CloudyQueso

Great Servers and a responsive staff respectful staff. Does not ruin the fun with OP pay to win ranks like some other servers.
Posted 31st Dec 2021