This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Blocklander, FTB ultimate

Spawn tower, use it to teleport between worlds.
Blockland, one of blocklander towns.
The main road, used to travel between towns
Player owned shops!

Oh hello there!

Are you hungry for more invigorating and prosperous land exploration? yes?
Fasten your mine cart belts because we have great news for you...

Blocklander FTB Ultimate is back online! With a new spawn, new shop system, an admin block database, private worlds and a dedicated 24/7 server to make sure you can play whenever you want to; - There is much to be excited about! -. So grab your pickaxe, you have a world to conquer.

Conquer your land today,
Ftb ultimate server adress:

If your account have been banned or restricted in the old blocklander world or any other blocklander servers, those effects will still apply today, sorry!

Blocklander is a professionally hosted server open 24/7, we work with IT professionals on the back end to ensure a completely lag-free environment with ultimate DDoS protection and 32GB of available ram. Our tech support team is very experienced and available at any time of the day to ensure that the server is always up for you to play.

Great mature community - Build anywhere as soon as you join - Emphasis on trading, industrializing and economy - Balanced economy system with custom plugins - Common banned items fixed for multiplayer - Games and hidden riddle rooms that grant rewards - End of the line Grief protected server - Guaranteed 100% lagg and crash-free environment - The world started one week ago, all the resources are easily available to you. - You start with cookies.

Are you an experienced player?
We are always looking for experienced players to join our team of cutting-edge experts. If you posses an unique skillset like web design, system administration, community management or copywriting, drop us a line here:

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