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Vilecraft is a brand new FTB Unleashed server. Server specs are 16GB Ram Dual Xeon L5420 10 TB Bandwidth! Dedicated server. There is 0 lag, Constant 20TPS. This makes for a server that you can actually play on without having to worry about dying to that creeper because the server lagged out!

We have PVP, Shops, Towns, Economy. This is just the start! we will run Events, Arenas, Wars, And all Major events will be recorded and posted on YouTube along with our website!

Here at VileCraft our main goal is the players. The world is yours for the taking! You will build it, destroy it, and yes! we do encourage Citizen justice. We wont ban you because you decided to get back at that pesky player who has been raiding you for days. We want every player to feel as if they own a piece of VileCraft. Nobody wants to log into a server and feel like just a number, a nobody. I assure you, every player on VileCraft will have his place, and it's up to YOU to decide your fame, or Infamy.

We are in starting stages so plugins will change. Rules will change. I don't intend to ban to many items, but anything that is harmful to the economy or the server itself will have to be removed, or limited.
Banned Mods: Mystcraft, SoulShards.
Banned Items: LIST to come.

I am seeking a dedicated, mature and honest staff team. Anyone intrested can apply on our website.


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