This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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  • Dwarfling: Starting Rank.

  • Young Dwarf: After playing 30 minutes.

  • Regular Dwarf: After playing for 20 hours.

  • Senior Dwarf: After playing for 50 hours.

  • Wooden Dwarf: After Donating 5$.

  • Stone Dwarf: After Donating 10$.

  • Iron Dwarf: After Donating 20$.

  • Bronze Dwarf: After Donating 35$.

  • Golden Dwarf: After Donating 50$.

  • Diamond Dwarf: After Donating 100$.

The Banned Items are:

  • Trade-O-Mat (Crash)

  • Chunkloaders (Can be bought in the Donation Store)

  • Wrath Lamp & Igniter (Server Overload)

  • Industrial TNT (Grief)

  • Carminite Reactor(Grief)

  • Mystcraft (Server Overload)

  • Logistic Pipes(Crash)

  • Landmarks (Can be bought in the Donation Store)

The Restricted Items are:

  • Mining Turtles: Regular Dwarf (Grief)

  • Mining Laser: Regular Dwarf (Grief)

  • Matter Cannon: Regular Dwarf (Grief)

  • Builders Wand: Regular Dwarf (Grief)

  • Wand of Dislocation: Senior Dwarf (Grief)

  • Wand of Equal Trade: Senior Dwarf (Grief)

  • Wand of Excavation: Senior Dwarf (Grief)

  • Arcane Bore: Iron Dwarf (Grief)

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