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This is a new server with a Very nice staff friendly players and a great team. Great server
Posted 8th Jul 2017
Right when I joined the staff is extremely nice and well mannered, the server looks fun and if you're looking for a server with friendly staff and a unique take on Project Ozone 2 this is for you!
Posted 27th Jun 2017
It is a good server with higly active staff members. Little to no lag, and the server have active players online at all times :)
Posted 25th May 2017
BROS this is a lit server come join us and play some ozone2 and if ya see my plz hit me up! ~Sausage

Staff are the best im telling you!!!
The server replied:
Thank you for your review Sausage.
Posted 11th May 2017
I have been playing on the server since a few days after it started. I am continually amazed on the activity and help of the staff. Everyone seems to be treated well and equally and issues are addressed very quickly.

I have only played on a few public servers, but this one, by far is the best. New and experienced players should at least check it out, I think you may be pleasantly surprised.
Posted 24th Jan 2017
Easily the best server I have played on. The staff are active and willing to help. AlaskanHero, the owner, is nearly always online to help and if he ins't Spine or Wannes is. For being a newer server it has come a long way and I look forward to playing on this server for a very long time.
The server replied:
Thank you for your support.
Posted 14th Jan 2017
I'm new to public servers so i don't know exactly how everything works. That being said i have been having a blast so far. The admins are very active with the community and extremely friendly and helpful. Even though its a new server and there's not much infrastructure community wise i'm very excited to see what all will be added.
The server replied:
Thank you for the review were looking forward you having many more days of fun on our server. We are updating spawn to a large city it takes a few days to build but our build team is hard at work!!.
Posted 2nd Jan 2017
Who is confused about how to join in. I'm playing at the moment. Just download, for example, for Skyblock download the recommended version of Infinity Evolved Skyblock from the Feed The Beast Launcher, paste the IP: . Then you can play. From the lobby you choose where to play. Same with the others. Join the Infinity Evolved Skyblock server and play with us ^^
The server replied:
Thank you for helping them out i will work on editing the poster and working on more announcements and holo-displays. Have a Merry Christmas!!!
Posted 25th Dec 2016
This is a brand new server started on Christmas Eve, has no lag, and an active owner. Highly recommend
The server replied:
Thank you we are doing our best to improve and become even better.
Posted 24th Dec 2016