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In the beginning the Universe was created.
This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Following that, several things happened, there were a few explosions, some things decompressed out of super-singularity form, and living things cropped up on a rock hurtling through nothingness. These were not particularly interesting living things in and of themselves, but over a period of time which was disputed highly among the offspring of these things, these things developed offspring. They in fact did quite a lot of this, and so did their offspring, and their offspring, and so on. Gradually, the general consensus on how many legs to have shifted and settled into four distinct groups and a few outliers, the main groups being two, four, six, and eight. Odd numbers were tried but found to be rather unpopular for the fact that middle shoes looked appalling. This is a short back-story to some of the more self-righteous two-leg-bearing offspring of those uninteresting life forms.

An equally widely accepted view of the creation of the two-legged beings among themselves was that, several years ago, a magic man with a beard made himself and then the Universe, then put everyone in it.

These two views were two of the more talked-about things in the lives of the two-legged beings, who, in large part, enjoyed going about their days arguing about what all happened, as well as various and sundry other things, including whether one should wear one's hat at the dinner table. This too was a heated subject for debate. Those who wore hats generally argued that a hat was a beautiful thing, and dared those who did not to produce reason why they should remove their hats. Those who did not wear hats made a highly convincing argument somewhere along the lines of hats, being hats, were to be removed while dining, and that people who did not were wrong. Those who wore hats made note that that was circular reasoning, and thus began the Great Hat Wars.

The Great Hat Wars raged long and hard, beginning humbly as a series of Cold Wars in small political subdivisions of one of the more argumentative geological bodies, and slowly gained ground into larger political bodies. During this time many things happened in the field of technology, including the invention of the toaster, the refrigerator, and the Nuclear Powered Death Ray. After the Wars had begun to develop into fighting and some of the less important political areas had been wiped away along with the geological areas they accompanied, someone had a wonderful idea. They thought, "If we can't all get along with our lives without killing each other, why don't we simply use the Nuclear Powered Death Rays to divide landmasses into hat-wearing and non-hat-wearing halves?"

And so the work began on a series of rays which were to be fixed into positions along the newly defined borders of hatted and non-hatted divisions of the geological bodies upon which these two-legged beings resided. This took a fantastically long time and quite a lot of money, so much so in fact that various larger economies and still more new, smaller economies grew to be based on Death Ray production and maintenance. In fact, such a fantastically large amount of money had been spent that, upon the completion of the Death Rays, nobody had any money left to pay for fuel to fire the things. This led to a global economic stagnation, as well as a slumping decline in employment in the fuel industry. Gradually, as deregulation was introduced by the newly elected leader of the World, who had made all sorts of promises and paid lots of money to influential Hat manufacturers to get to where he was today, brilliantly new and efficient ways of performing maintenance on the volatile fuels were invented, a particularly popular method of which was not to. And so the planet gradually collapsed in environment as it had economically. There were a lot of savage wars, but gradually the populations of fun little two-legged people died off to a fairly small number.

Then after a while something clicked for the two-legged people. Not a good kind of click, like the invention of the Toaster, but a bad kind of click, like the invention of the Toaster-Powered Death Ray. Lots of people got together and got very much excited, got the proverbial Band back together, and invented lots of sharp things and fancy machines, which were rapidly ingrained into society, and things started to get rather hustle-and-bustle-like again. Shoe shops developed. New power sources for Death Rays were invented. And under cover of the new society there was formed a core. This was the very, very bad thing which clicked for their society. This core made plans. Those plans then decided they didn't like the core, formed a new core, and made plans of their own. As did those plans make plans, and those plans made additional plans, and so on and so forth in a biblical anthology sort of way until things had completely gone to hell.

Science was, of course, developed highly during that time. War, as it seems, motivates things that walk on two legs.

Science developed very much.

The line between simple creatures and Gods is now blurred.

Won't you come play God with me?

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