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Applications are : OPEN

How to get whitelisted? Goto our forums > Whitelist Application

This server cost Quite a large amount time and money to keep Online and stable. Please consider contributing to the donation goal i pay for the server out of my pocket, We dont ask for much just anything you can spare.

Dedicated Box #1

CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1230 V3

RAM: 8 GB DDR3 "Will Upgrade If Recive enough Donations"

SSD: 120GB

Port Speed: 1 Gbps Dedicated Port

Bandwidth: 10,000 GB Premium Transfer

Operating System: CentOS 7.3

DDoS Protection: 20Gbps

More Servers Coming Soon!

Gmod 13 | 2 Servers Comming soon!

Another Mod pack, "Expert" Gamemode

Note: We will be looking for someone to help admin the server. i plan on geting a few more Servers for other games if we can form a decent sized player base

Great Server, I've seen 0 lag in my ~30 hours playtime on the server. New fresh community, great helpful crowd.

I haven't played on a server this good since I ran my own.
Posted 6th Jun 2017
Have had nothing but a great time playing on the server, the people are nice and everyone gets along very well. Not to mention it is brand new so everyone is still on the same level for the most part.
Posted 6th Jun 2017