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Argocraft SkyFactory

Argocraft SkyFactory 4


Argocraft is a brand new SkyFactory 4 server. We offer a very friendly and growing community, dependable staff, and blazing fast hardware. On top of that, the rules are very relaxed and - as of now - we have no banned items.

The goal of the server is to remain small and casual. This allows us to maintain our close community of friends who actually know one another.

  • We have an economy! Come set up your shops and become rich
  • 99.9% uptime, hosted on flexible VPSes directly managed by the staff.
  • Blazing fast hardware for a smooth experience for the players.
  • No server-wide resets. Your progress will last as long as the server - and that's a long time!
  • Rewards are available for doing all kinds of things. Kits also available.

For more information, join our discord server.

See you in-game!

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