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Loot Chest | TPPI | MyTown | TS | Mature 16+


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How to Join


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Loot Chest has been running FTB servers since betapack A. Our newest offering is our new Test Pack Please Ignore (TPPI) server. Our goal is to provide a lag and grief free environment and to focus on server community getting to know all our members. We run the full TPPI Pack including customized bukkit addons to prevent griefing, and help users build cooperatively. Our website is complete with a Server Tracker, Teamspeak, Forums, and User Image Gallery to upload your adventures.

Note that this server strongly urges users to be on Teamspeak as it helps build stronger friendships and community. If you do not have a mic or do not wish to join us on teamspeak, this server might not be for you.

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Server IP:
Server Location: Quebec Canada (less than 50 pings East & West US)
Ivybridge Quadcore 3.4Ghz Proccessors
No Lag (ask our members)
99% Uptime (auto reboot)
Hourly Backups
Auto-Reboot on crash
Announced reboot every 5 hours for optimization

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Customized MyTown - Form towns & protect EVERYTHING (prevents FTB griefing)

Essentials - All your favorite features

Prism - Roll back support for added protection

MCMMO - Extra bonuses for playing longer :)

Thread Ticking- Performance optimizations for lag-free play!

MCBans - Checks players for global bans before even joining!

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1) No griefing or stealing! Please claim your items, see: /help grief

2) No spamming! Being obnoxious to get attention will result in you being muted.

3) The staff members have names, please refrain from calling them generic "mod" or "admin".

4) Staff members are not tour guides, /help exists for a reason.

5) Begging for items is frowned upon. If nobody responds the first time, stop asking.

6) Do not ask staff for items, unless you are having issues with a donation kit.

7) No exploiting or hacking! This includes no-clipping, xrays, duplicating, and glitching. This will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

8) As this is a mature server, swearing is allowed, but please take your racist, sexist, or homophobic language elsewhere.

9) Please visit the website at for more information!

Failure to follow the rules could result in a ban.

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We welcome any mature players who just want a server that provides a lag and grief free environment for its users. If you feel like this is you, please join our teamspeak at

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