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Metabyte's Whitelisted No PVP/Raid FTB Server



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Hello! Welcome to Metabyte Clan FTB Server. We welcome You-tuber's, Builders, and FTB Enthusiast like Direwolf. We are starting to build a small Youtube-Recording Community. We also have a teamspeak and mumble, you can ask our admins and mods about that when you get in-game. We just recently went up, and the server doesn't have much in it; We are a 0% Raid/Greif Server, we do not tolerate it. Our system consist of a 1 Warning then a 1 week ban, then a perm. ban. If the greif is large, there is a possible perm. ban without warning/1 week ban. Note that we aren't a ban-everybody strict server, we welcome everyone.

Rules :

No Raiding
No Greifing
No Dis-respect/Discrimination
No Spamming
No Intent to DDoS (Instant Perm. Ban)
Use Common Sense
Please try to keep the server clean (Cut down trees fully, don't leave holes in the ground, clean up your base if your moving, etc)
Don't use banned items

Admins :


Mods :


These all our ONLY Mods/Admins as of 4/7/13

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