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A Resurrection Server


Hey, this is a modded minecraft server, it is free for you to play on even though I pay for it to be online. The server has no rules, and I am playing on it for fun. I have a few friends on it, but I thought I'd introduce more people to it. Basically, if your game play does not intentionally slow down the server, and you are not ruining the fun of new players when you are much farther along then them, then idc. My in game name is Daleth, I am not opped. I have no intention of coddling you, and you can raid me as I can raid you.

This is me basically saying "Join in, have fun, or don't." There is no spawn, feel free to build one, no mods are disabled, feel free to use them, The server has some basic principles - I would not even consider them rules:

  1. don't slow down the server on purpose, it just makes the entire experience shitty for the rest of us.
  2. don't be rude to younger/new players. If there is a younger kid on, watch your mouth - I'm not saying you can't kill them, I just mean, don't use profanity infront of them.
  3. don't hack, that's a given.
  4. don't ruin the experience for others, like, you can raid/kill/w.e but don't start a huge argument in the chat that ruins things for not only those involved but those online.
  5. don't advertise, and keep links in the chat SFW.

So, yeah, I hope to see you in game!

PS: I realize that eventually mods like mystcraft will have to have limits put on them, generally they will be enabled, just tell me when you find the world you want and I will delete the rest.

The server should be up 24/7, if it is not I will get it back up as soon as possible, it will be rare that it is offline.

There is no world border, or plugins, it is just out of the box and turned on.

Have a great day!


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