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#1 Direwolf20 1.12.2 Survival Server - NEW MAP

Admin Shop

Admin Shop

This is a picture of our Admin Shops with over 200+ items for sale.


This is our spawn, use /rtp to be randomly teleported!
Mining world!

Mining world!

x5 Ore rate mining world

24/7 Survival PvE Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server - NEW MAP/TWILIGHT ENABLED


  • Join and Play! No sign-up.
  • Keepinventory is enabled. You will not lose your items in the overworld!
  • Admin Shop (Over 200+ items for sale)
  • Player Shops (Sells your plots or buy plots on the market)
  • x5 ore rate mining world
  • Veinminer - Break ore veins with 1 break
  • ChopTree/Timbermod/Treedestroyage - Break a whole tree in one punch
  • Autosell cobble/dirt/gravel for shekels automatically
  • Jobs (Miner, digger and more)
  • Loan shekels from the server!
  • Griefprevention + Towns
  • Taxes Plugin (Town Tax, Shop Tax, Claim Tax)
  • Public lava/charge stations
  • Lottery! (Buy lotto tickets)
  • Auction System! Sell your items via auctions!
  • Make clans and show off your clan name as your prefix!
  • Chunkloaders allowed! - Max 1 per player!
  • Not a hub server.


  • /back
  • /sethome
  • /home
  • /rtp (random teleport)
  • /tpa (teleport to a friend)
  • /loan
  • /buyclaimblocks
  • /vm on & off
  • /marry
  • /auction
  • and much more!

Download the launcher here:
Modpack: Direwolf20 1.12.2
Modpack Version: 2.5.0 (Latest)

If you have problems connecting or updating your client, join discord,

Super System, have a lot fun
Posted 1st May 2019
Having a blast playing on this server, I've played at least 100 hours on it, likely more! The staff are very helpful toward their community, and actively work to better the server. Speaking of the community, everyone is so friendly toward each other!
Posted 7th Apr 2019
nice man .................................................
Posted 7th Apr 2019
really good server no lag, admins really helpful, people are super friendly
Posted 7th Apr 2019
no lag server, lots of plug-ins to help the grindy early game like veinminer, /top /back even a mining world that has lots more ore than i have ever seen on any other server.
Posted 7th Apr 2019
Amazing server, beats all the really big servers like toastycraft in terms of lag, you will not lag on this server.
Also, joining servers because you want to actually find a good community? then join this, the player count on here is actually what it is in game and everyone actually talks unlike in hub networks where it says 30+ then you join and there is 2players.
Posted 7th Apr 2019
This is the best direwolf20 server I have ever been on. This server has player protection, smooth performance, quick responding staff, a working economy, shops to sell your own items and much more. server is up and running anytime you want to play. discord, game chat in discord with active community.

If you love direwolf and looking for a great place to drop a hole in the ground and build your 9*9.... check out this server. you will not regret it.
Posted 7th Apr 2019
i was banned from the server after 3 days of work because my friend had lost items due to server issues and mod issues, owner of the server was nasty. Refused to help more than twice and when told "yes but it does though" (or something along those lines) proceeded to ban me and my friend because he/she "[did] not like our attitude" furthermore our friend was banned upon joining the server and both accounts on discord of ours were banned with our friends account too upon joining the discord in order to negotiate and understand the reasons for banning. In addition to this the mob spawn rate is so low that you cannot progress at a reasonable speed. AVOID THIS SERVER AT ALL COSTS IF YOU ATTEMPT TO MAKE JOKES/CONVERSATION OR EVEN DARE TO HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THE SERVER OR GAME. You will lose multiple days of progress most likely to something petty and stupid as the owner/staff not being able to tolerate being told that the items disappeared from your inventory due to server issues when the owner blames it on you and says that you must have somehow misplaced 3 enchantments on each piece of armour in blood magic. I will say it again THIS SERVER HAS STAFF WHICH CANNOT DO THEIR JOBS AND PREFER TO BAN RATHER THAN FIX.
Posted 20th Feb 2019
Awesome server, awesome players, awesome staff!
Very few banned items, great server performance, Always a pleasure when I join and play :)
Posted 20th Dec 2018
Great server, friendly mods.
Very few banned items.

The most important part is the uptime 99% of the time and no lag.
Posted 16th Dec 2018
stable server, great people, simple rules

first day of playing someone came over to me, gave me two torches and told me to stay lit
10/10 would get lit again
Posted 16th Dec 2018
The server runs very smoothly for a Direwolf server, they staff are very helpful, however it seems to more of an older group of people that play, so keep that in mind if you have younger participants. Other than that its one of my favorite servers so far.

p.s. Very active discord if that's something you look for in a server.
Posted 10th Oct 2018
Hi this server is pretty good so I recommend playing on it. Staff is nice *cough* Besh, Allen, and Sinncere
*cough*and the players are very helpful and respectful.
- IAmDefault aka Dictator of Duping U_U
Posted 9th Oct 2018
Very interesting how the server works, in the sense of you mess up or make the owner mad and you're gone. He will go to great lengths, even those to make sure you don't see the website, and creating a firewall option to block the incoming traffic from your iP to circumvent the "banned" message, and make it just look like you are unable to connect to the server. It is this passive-agressive attitude that has plagued the server and if you don't kiss up, it may happen to you. I am not here to sway the decision of you, the player, to join the server. I am rather trying to give you a fore-warning of what may happen, even to someone who donated.
The server replied:
This doesn't make sense, please join the discord

This sounds like you have connection issues and you're thinking you are banned. I'm not sure what is happening to make you think that other than that but join the Discord and we will find out.

If anyone has connection issues, please join the Discord:

This does not mean you are banned.
Posted 30th Sep 2018
Friendly staff,Very warm and helpful community of players, Very well designed and well built shop area with both a server shop and player-owned shops, custom commands are very straight forward. And the mining world is a boone for new players to get started right away instead of mindlessly searching for some starting ore. I would highly recommend this server to anyone looking for a great time playing this mod pack.
Posted 22nd Aug 2018
The server is well structured and put together. The input response is phenomenal compared to other servers that I've been on and I am pleased to have found this server.
Posted 18th Aug 2018
Best server I've played on. Friendly staff, good community and a very good and cooperative Discord channel. Server owner actually gets on and helps players personally.
Posted 16th Aug 2018
So I have been playing minecraft since the day it came out. I have played on well over 100 servers and spent so many hours in game they should pay me for it. Not once i have i ever felt that a server was more deserving of my time. This is the first server and community of people I have ever decided to donate to. The staff here are friendly and helpful to the point i feel like i can trust them with anything. The players on this server really make it a fun place to play. I feel valued as a member and player. Not only is the community great but the hardware the server runs on is solid with very little down time. When ever there is some kind of issue, staff is quick to respond and have things fixed before you even realize what is going on. I really want to see this server survive for a long time, so please come check us out and get to know us. We hope to see you soon.
Posted 15th Aug 2018
So I've been on Shybella's FtB servers since he had the FTB Unleashed server up and at its peak. I used to be on other servers before that, and was staff on one for a while. Many server owners say they are dedicated to what they do, but then turn around and ban you for being the only girl on staff [true story from why I was kicked off staff in a previous server]. Shybella runs a server that has an active discord for not just communicating while playing the game, but also to make friends and enjoy being in the company of others. The staff members are active and many people who are on the server stick around through thick and thin. This server is a community and sure, we get some bad apples, who doesn't? But any problems with players or server issues or anything else in between, Shybella gets it done and fixed and when I say he is dedicated to the community he built, he truly is dedicated to every aspect. Many players do autocrafting and complex machines and some do thaumcraft and some make gardens in unique biomes. Whatever a player chooses, there is something for everyone.
Posted 15th Aug 2018
It's the worst server i've ever played on its full of crap admins and owners I wouldn't join if I had a gun to my head its filled with corrupt players and admins.
The server replied:
You used tons of profanity and degraded my staff. You expect nothing to happen, people wanted you gone.

No one forced you to join, you joined yourself.
Posted 14th Aug 2018