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If you like playing modded servers then ThunderRush is perfect for you.

Server IP :

We have a variety of mods installed such as:

AgriCraft, AE2, Big Reactors, BiblioCraft, BiomesOPlenty, Botania, BuildCraft, Carpenter's Blcoks, Chisel, Chancecube, CFM [Mr. CrayFish Mod], ComputerCraft, CustomPets, Dense Ores, Draconic-Evolution, EnderIO, EnderStorage, Ex-Nihilo, Extra Utilities, Forestry, Hats, Industrial Craft, Inventory Pets, IronChests, Jabba, LootBags, Magic Crops, Mekanism, Mekanism Generators, Minefactoryreloaded, Morph, MoVillages, NetherOres, OpenBlocks, Pams Harvest Craft, Ruins, SoulShards, Tinkers Construct + Iguana Tinker Tweaks, ThaumCraft, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Expansion, Vein Miner..

as well as several client sides ones you can do with or without if you want.

We have a friendly, active staff that is ready to help you with any questions or problems you may have. And as with any server we have rules, No Spamming or all caps, No griefing, No advertising, No using hacked clients or xraying. And last but not least, No bad language, we would like to keep this server as family friendly as possible.

Hope to see you in-game soon!

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