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Rebirth Gaming

Rebirth Gaming


Friendly, mature and experienced staff.
We use MyTown for anti-grief and land claims, meaning very few banned items!
Community driven - the players help choose features!
Custom point system that works across our entire network. Get rewarded for being an active community member!
Teamspeak and Discord!

If you don't wish to read everything I'm posting my recommendation is just to move on to a different server.

Admin take favoritism over professionalism every time. Server is advertised as no lag, but has gone downhill lately to the point where it averages a tps of 7 on weekends.

There is no server balancing and the banned item list is CONSIDERABLY longer than advertised. Admins will ban items, rollback days, or jail players at the drop of a hat. The rules are almost meaningless as the admins interpret them in any way they see fit. Admins being reviewed are sabbo, demonkitty, and kompy.

While all of the admins have had their up moments, I would say this is what they are supposed to be doing all the time. The level of non-professionalism that is shown on an instance for instance basis is ridiculous. The best thing is that they are never on. Check out the forums for as many examples as you wish, make sure to read the comments and posts from people actually playing.
Posted 14th Oct 2016
Some of the worst staff i have ever seen, after a major rollback of
more than 6 hours of progress i come on and ask if there will be any
compensation available, at that stage i basically get told that i need
to man up by a mod called Demonkitty, a simple “sorry we cant hand every
ones stuff back” would of sufficed, but no i was treated like a bitch
FROM THE BEGINNING because i legitimately wanted to know what was
happening. So i ask to see an admin (lucky one was floating around,
there elusive and rarely grace us with there presence) about this
unprofessional behavior from a mod and basically after some back and
forth i get told they really dont care and how long will i be speaking
for?, this is after already having my right to speak removed.

I have another example of poor management of a question/complaint,
there was a situation that arose from the rules being outdated and a
whole heap more items being banned then are actually on the list:
Another user actually asked on the forums for the list to be updated the
day before he started using an item he wasnt allowed to, (it wasnt on
the banned list)any way once he was told he couldn’t use the items he
once again requested that the banned item list be updated and once again
he was basically told to fuck off, When he asked to see some one higher
up there was no response and the list is yet to be updated…(
that is the thread in which he asked for the banned item list to be
updated, he hasn’t received a response nor has the list been updated.
What makes this case truly shameful is that other players are using the
exact same item but since they have been on the server longer (and voted
for the server more, as thats how you make money) they get a free pass
whilst the other gentleman gets his items taken away. Here is the thread
for that as well, he also asks again for the banned list to be updated:

Another example once again to do with banned items (that wernt on the
banned list) was when i and a friend were using frames to move mining
wells around, turns out this lags the server, fine, but when i started
to ask about the alternatives (turtles etc) i get told to stop being
smart when i was only inquiring as to what else we could use as we had
to stop the frames. These have to be some of the most defensive and
initially hostile moderators/admins ive ever seen.

So in summary the server is ok just dont expect much help off the
mods or admins they really only seem interested in running their own
server and enjoying them selves which is fine, maybe there not suited to
running a MP server?. Also beware of the horrendously outdated banned
item list and expect that at any moment somthing you are using may cause
offense and need to be banned. Furthermore these have to be some of the
most DEFENSIVE AND INITIALLY HOSTILE moderators/admins ive ever seen.

Running a MC server is annoying if you dont like it dont do it
because it will only make you and your server look bad. Even in
something as stupid as minecraft, professionalism is key and double
standards are detrimental as people will hold you to account for what
you say and do.

Ironically the same admin i spoke to about the moderator also told me
“i dont like children, this is meant to be a mature server” Well you
could of fooled me!!!!!!!!!!! Especially since its the first
time ive seen this admin since i joined a week ago, he must really care
about what happens…….

Yours Sincerely,

WettusPiggus, Former Admin of Fusioncraft for three years from 2012-2015
and parsonage for a year in 2011.(who gives a fuck right?)
Posted 4th Oct 2016
Bad server, lags a lot, the community doesn't help newcomers on the server, and the staff is acting like shit.
Posted 17th Sep 2016