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JamesLPlays Project Ozone

JamesLPlays Project Ozone 2 Server


A large modpack with loads of quests - The server uses the FTB Utilities land claiming tool and has other plugins to enhance your experience.

The only banned blocks are Chance Cubes and Chance Icosohedrons due to their dangerous consequences.

There is no whitelist, should you wish to become a member simply join the Discord and head over to membership_applications and say something! Members gain more access to commands - a list can be found in the server's spawn area.

Vote to receive a Diamond Block!

Uncool owner. While owner took my stuff and destoryed my base.
The server replied:
Just for clarification, the user IGN: GTAMiner1 broke a giant chance cube - This spawned the mega nuke and destroyed the entire area. I used WE to regen the area. None of my other users have had a problem with the server.
Posted 15th May 2017