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Komi's Server | No grief! | Custom Modpack


Komi's server is partnered with the 20r official Discord and runs many mods, some of which can be found below.

/dank/null Ender IO Journey Map Twilight Forest
Advanced Generators Thermal Foundation & Addons
Tinker's Construct & Addons Apple Skin Extreme Reactors
Tropicraft Forgiving Void Morpheus UniDict
Baubles FTB Utilities OTG (OpenTerrainGenerator)
Vanilla Vistas Better FPS Future MC Open Computers
Vein Miner Pam's Harvest Craft Weather, Storms & Tornadoes
Chance Cubes Immersive Engineering Portal Gun

The server is owned and rented by komi#5523. If you have questions please feel free to contact them on
Discord using this name and # combo.
We are transparent with our donations, permissions, and hosting information. If you have questions contact Komi.

IMPORTANT: Modpack info!!! ->

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