This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Server Stats

  • Fast Intel Xeon E5-2690, SSD
  • Automated backups and auto-restart


  • Essentials
  • Towny
  • KeepItems
  • Lockette
  • McMMO
  • MultiVerse

Our goal is to provide our users with the most flexibility to play the way they want without jeopardizing server performance or the safety of other players.

Our rules are specific and fair. They are prominently displayed at server spawn. A polite and mature user will not be inconvenienced by these rules.


  1. Using a denial of service, X-ray, wall-climb, fly hacks, kill auras, a hack of any kind or intentionally degrading server performance or damaging the world is never permitted.
  2. Stealing, modifying, or blocking in a claimed area or town is griefing and not permitted except in the Wildlands.
  3. Vulgar language and nude skins are not permitted.
  4. Do not ask for elevated privileges, creative mode, spawned items, or operator status.
  5. Do not repeatedly spam the chat with the same comment or request.


This server is to replace the previous FTB server. Our FTB server has been moved to a whitelist on an alternate port, and this public server is now running in its place.

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