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Iowna Minecraft Server with Mindcrack



The server is running FtB Mindcrack.

This is a professionally hosted server

It may be limited to 40 slots in the future.

It has Gregstech enabled.

The beta is mostly for testing server load capability.
I will not reset the map unless something fatal happens.
I have set an auto world back-up every 12 hours.


Be Nice, have fun!
PvP is disabled.
NO Griefing.
No Raiding bases/homes
Difficulty is set on hard
Keep Quarry's 100 blocks away from spawn.

No mods are disabled but I have disabled some recipes.

Restricted items will be limited per player and require all crafting material be traded to an admin for the item.

Restricted Items recipes may become available in the future.

Restricted Items.

Quarry, World Anchor,Turtles

Disabled Recipes.

Anchor Cart ,Anchor Sentinel ,Autocrafting Table Chunk Loader,Dynamite,Dynamite Carrier, Dynamite-O-Mote,Enderbag, Enderchest, GraviChest,Gravitation Engine,Industrial TNT, MFFS Defense Station,MFFS Projector, MFFS Proj Upgrades, Mining Laser,Nuke,Portal Guns,REP,Sticky Dynamite, Terraformer,Tesla Coil,Tesla Staff TnTCart,TnT,TnT Facade, Wand of Excavation,Wand of Fire,Wand of Lightning, Wrath Ignitor,rainmaker

*all things are subject to review and change

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