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FTB Infinity Evolved Non Expert v2.3.5


I setup this server to introduce a friend to Minecraft. Long story short he played for a little while then lost interest.

You need to enable chicken chunks to join!

This server is whitelisted but just leave a comment on this post with your username and I will whitelist you

I have played on this server for about a month although I have been careful not to strip mine anywhere within 1500 blocks of spawn.

I reloaded the end as I strip mined it for Draconium

I am willing to help in anyway possible, I am loosing interest in playing solo so my main focus is to partner up with other people

I am on roughly between 6 and 10pm EST weeknights and most of the weekends

If you prove to not be an A-hole I will gladly give you my contact info so you can contact me anytime with server issues

I have setup my base carefully to not cause any lag

Really the only rules are don't cause insane amounts of lag and don't be a troll. I have the backup set in a way to where any trolling will not be hard to reverse

Disclaimer: This server is hosted in Atlanta by NFO Servers. They are having trouble with their bandwidth, the worst I have seen is about once an hour you might loose connection but you can log back in no problem.

I hope to see you guys in FTB, thanks for reading

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