This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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How To Get Whitelisted
First off you need to fit these requirements;

  1. Download Razer Comms (you need a mic)
  2. You Must be 18+ (or 17 and are very mature)
    3a. You must register your Minecraft Character with Enjin (See This Post)
    3b. If you do not own a copy of minecraft then you must pm "Aka Gambit" the character name you will use.

Next do the following;

  1. Download Razer Comms (If you have not yet) then register and then add "akagambit" and "Snowflakes"
  2. If "akagambit" is online then start a chat with him otherwise start a chat with "Snowflakes" and we will do the verbal interview.


  1. Griefing, stealing and raiding are allowed ONLY in abandoned areas(an area with no protection).*
  2. No use of illegal mods such as: xray, fullbright, fly, speed, etc.
  3. No use of illegal modded clients allowed: Nodus, Vanity, etc.
  4. No use of any hacks including (but not limited to) cheat Engine.
  5. No abusing any glitches/bugs including (but not limited to) Duping.
  6. No abusing PVP glitches in a NON-PVP Zone.
  7. No sort of luring other players into traps.
  8. Be respectful to all players. (Both Staff and fellow normal players) Respect goes two ways. **
  9. Don't discriminate against any players.
  10. Do not spam/flood the server (chat/commands)
  11. No advertising other servers.
  12. Do not build within viewing distance of someone else unless you have permissions from said person.
  13. Do not build within 500 blocks from spawn. (use the map co-ords or waypoints to judge distance)
  14. Cussing and vulgar language is allowed but please keep it to a minimum.
  15. Don't ask admins/op or other players for free items. Trading are fine. ***
  16. Do not ask for op/admin/mod.
  17. Do not spawn kill.
  18. Anything lost in a raid/theft/pvp will not be refunded unless caused by a server error or an admin's mishap.
  19. Don't use excessive caps in chat.
  20. Be Mature and have fun.
    • No griefing of start areas or neutral areas or NPC villages is allowed but you can steal and grief an old player's house if its not protected.
      ** Use common sense, Do not argue with staff, No harassing other players, No flaming/racist/homophobic comments.
      *** If a player wishes to give you items that is fine but you may not ask for them.
    • Post on Forums if you have any questions or concerns, and Report grief only on the Forums (include the coordinates)

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