This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Purely Vanilla FTB Unleashed Server that is ran locally from my own computer, so there is no risk of it collapsing due to loss of donations.

Mystcraft has been disabled because it cause to much ram usage and will eventually bring down the server other than that there is no banned items. So please go ahead and use everything and anything to your adavantage.

My IGN is Sylar1G so if you see me on then say Hi or something but please do not obliterate chat with wants and needs of staff or free items. There is no hand outs and i will be the only staff forever!

My computer is quite beefy however it needs breaks now and again so it will take one hour a day at the least to cool down and get rest.

There is no griefing on this server, and if i catch you doing so it will result in a Bann from the server.

Thank You and have fun!
Sincerely Sylar1G

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