This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Hysteria Unleashed Horizons Server: We Have Archim


Enable ALL mods except for Endernet and a map mod.

Server Specs:

Harddrive: 240GB SSD and another 240GB SSD in RAID

Memory: 32GB of Ram (8 of which are allocated for this server)

Processing: 1245v3 @ 3.4ghz - Dedicated

Hysteria Unleashed is a former server that was recreated by the demand of former players. We have helpful players when needed and a friendly growing community. We don't allow griefing or stealing, so be assured that all of your creations will be safe! I just decided to put it back up on the forums to have some more activity going on.

Banned Items:

We do have banned items, and things I ask you not to do. Please read below.

Nether and End worlds are reset at the end of each month.

PVP is currently ON. Must be MUTUAL or Ban unless its in the PVP Arena.


  • No griefing or stealing. Any damage will be rolled back, and items will be returned.

  • Any former player caught abusing PVP against new players will be placed in jail.

  • Stay courteous and respectful to everyone, especially the staff.

  • Use common sense. If you don't have any, stay far far away.

  • Don't harass anyone or be overly obnoxious.

  • Rules are subject to change as we see fit.


Prism - Logging tool (Admin Only)


OP Lock

PVP Arena


World Border - We now have a World Border due to HDD Space limitation.

World Edit (Admin Only)

World Guard (Admin Only)

Simple Auto Messager - Helps me get out messages I need cycled. (Admin Only)

Info on plugin/MyTown use


You will have /back command on death enabled for now, might use in-game cash in the future.

You will also have 1 sethomes.

Donators will receive 3 sethomes.


There are several people online that can help with this.

But if you want to learn on your own information located here:

NOTE: We only use the Town/Protection portion of this plugin, Chat and Homes are not used.

Owner: redemption15

Administrators: Casketman_, Lhamabomb

Whitelist Application:





Have you had any previous bans?:

Tell us a little about about yourself!:

Have you read rules/banned items and will abide by them?:

Have fun, build big and enjoy yourselves. Thanks!

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