This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FreedomCraft FTB: Unleashed - English Server


Now running Unleashed! Brand new world, come and join us!

This is an English speaking server. The server is hosted in Germany but we do not speak German. If you cannot speak English do not join.

FreedomCraft FTB runs Unleashed. We have BiomesOPlenty, energy converters and other mods enabled! Follow our guide at to help you enable them!

You will need to enable the mods before joining!

We aim to give you a safe, fun and friendly environment to play Feed the Best. Create epic contraptions and gigantic structures, or secret hidden bases to hold all your materials and machines - its up to you!

We have lots of different plugins to give you the best playing experience possible.

  • LWC - for locking all your machines and chests
  • Essentials - For all the basic commands
  • LogBlock - We log everything and can roll back grief!
  • Tekkit Customizer - To ban some pesky items.
  • Grief Prevention - To protect all your land

We have very few rules and banned items to allow you to do almost anything you want. PVP is OFF and Griefing is NOT allowed. If you have any issues tell our friendly server staff, we are more than happy to help.

So come join us and build, craft and create all you want!

Some people have said that this server is listed as in German? Well no, its English :)

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