This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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They say… In this World of Requiem that man is not the only thing to stalk the night…. Beware, beware they say for who knows what goes bump in the night.

Welcome to the Requiem Server!


15 slots!

PvP and PvE

The goal of this server is to fill a niche that seems to be empty when it comes to FTB servers, that of a RPG oriented server! This server has assorted classes and we plan to add more with each official expansion, the current expansion is titled Requiem and features Vampires! Now these are not twilight vampires these vampires are apex predators divided into five clans, each possessing 3 separate schools of power! The cost of such a power is of course an aversion to the sun, though things that go bump in the night seem to accept you as one of there own.??As a vampire, live among the naive humans as they go about their daily life. Leap from rooftop to rooftop as your naive prey wanders the streets of civilization.??As a human, are you unaware of what goes bump in the night? Do you hide under your bed and tremble? Or do you pick up your stake and stalk the nocturnal monsters striking when they are unaware and at their weakest? ??Within this carefully crafted World of Minecraft you may just find that everything isn't always as it seems…




A full RPG system


And much more!

Rules and Banned Items.

Obey the Admins

Don't get around Towny Protections.

No duping or exploiting of any kind.

Anything an Admin says is essentially a rule.

Anything that bypasses Griefprevention is banned on Overworld.

Mystcraft age creation is disabled.

Beta Classes: Powers are being tweaked to be more balanced as we watch their effectiveness in combat.

Note: Since Vampire creation is decided upon by the Creator and not the human target, the fledging has no choice or say in the matter of becoming a vampire. Thus there is a in game mechanic to prevent being forced into a clan and at spawn there will be a lever if you wish to opt in and experience the role-play mechanics.

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