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Nordic Empires Direwolf20 Server, Dubbed Midgard

Introduction -
Welcome to the Nordic Empires Direwolf20 server! The idea behind this server is a near rule-free environment with no plugins, giving you an experience that most servers can not. Due to our white-list, you do not have to worry about griefers or immature players as our members are carefully selected. Good luck on your application and have fun, and thank you for choosing Nordic Empires Direwolf20 1.7.10!

Rules -
We strive to provide you the best experience possible with the least amount of restrictions possible, so we only have a few major rules. [i]Don't be a jerk[/i], Don't TRY to lag the server and Have fun!

Digger -
Digger is a MystCraft age managed by TechDweebGaming designed for mining. When necessary, digger will be deleted and another digger will be created in its place. Because of this, it is recommended you do NOT build a base there, as it will eventually be lost. You can quarry in the over-world, but it would be nice if you would use this to keep the over-world looking somewhat pretty. Good luck finding diamonds and happy dwarfing!

MystCraft Ages -
Due to the sheer amount of server resources MystCraft uses, please ask TechDweebGaming or Celinor1982 before creating one. We will approve it or deny it based on what it is for. Any unauthorized ages will be deleted from the server.

Chunk Loaders -
You may use them, just don't overuse them!

Welcome to our server and have fun!
IP -

Owner: Celinor1982
Manager: TechDweebGaming

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