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Miralis Network

Miralis Network - High Performance Servers


Current Server List: - AllTheMods8 Version: 1.0.28 - SkyFactory 4 Version: 4.2.4 - RLCraft Version: 2.9.3 - StoneBlock 2 Version: 1.22.0 - MC Eternal Version: 1.6.1 - Project Ozone 3 Version: 3.4.11


We treat you like adults and presume you don't need to be told in 18 different rules what not to do or play. If your creations are causing lag or crashing the server, you will be notified and we will attempt to resolve it with minimal damage, we all make mistakes right?

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Great food and friendly staff. It was excellent & the staff and managers were very friendly. The restaurant meals were cooked to perfection, especially the scotch fillet steak.
The server replied:
sir this is a minecraft server
Posted 12th Aug 2023
Great starting server just getting started, with a huge stable sever. Community has been around for longer than most minecraft bedrock players.
Posted 12th Aug 2023