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The Reeplex 24/7 - CrackPack 1.1.0/1.7.10


Currently running
Crackpack 1.1.0/1.7.10

Server Specs
Dedicated Server box!
CPU- Xeon - E5-1650v3
Ram - 64 GB 2133 DDR4 Ram
Storage - 500GB SSD/ 1TB HDD

Current Features
My Town 2 (Plot Protection/Grief Protection)
Economy (Player Shops/Admin set shops)
Free build/Play
Zero-No lag
Friendly Staff
Advanced Permission Systems
Very Few Banned Items
Community votes on Modpack

Current Staff
Darkmongrel (Owner)
DarkSpartanCM96 (Admin)
fuhrerwolf (OP)

We are currently looking for dedicated players and staff!
For Staff application, make a post on this thread or come into the server and ask for Darkmongrel (for Interview).

Staff Requirements
18+ Years of age
Prior experience as a Moderator/Admin
Availability of at least 2 days a week
Basic understanding of Minecraft/Permissions.

No Greifing
No Exploiting
Use Common Sense
No Stealing/Duping
Be Respectful to Fellow Players
Don't Argue With Admins

Teamspeak Information
Owner - Deadi
Channel Admin - Sly (Darkmongrel)

Honestly, Kinda of stupid how the server is Run. So If you dont claim your Land anyone can take your stuff.

BUT. you will get into trouble if you do so.

E.G i came across a guys base Not claimed look abandoned FLux everywhere blocks missing. so i though i might aswell help myself and Found a creative energy Cell for ME and load of machines and wiring.
So i toke them went back to my base after 13 hours of grinding of this server. i log in to see the owner and a helper in my base removing stuff. when it was all claimed even with the /town the have on here.

Honestly worse server ive seen in a long time.
Posted 23rd Aug 2016