This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to Tekkit RaidCraft! We are a server dedicated to raiding/greifing!

There are a few rules - No greifing spawn, no hacking, no asking for mod/admin/op. I am not looking for admins or mods. There's no need for them. I have installed anti-hack plugins that will temporary ban a player after certain amount of attempts hacking. (Flying without a fly ring, attempting to dupe, spamming the chat). I believe that a dedicated server with proper plugins do not need admins, as they generally abuse their powers and are a a hassle. Be warned, asking for admin or Op gets you an automatic kick.

There are a few banned items because of duplication glitches and are overpowered. This list includes:

Tank Cart
Void Ring
Black Hole Band
DM pedistal
Computers (because of a crashing glitch)
Cataytic Lens (used to spawn greif)
Hyperkinetic Lens
Destruction Catalyst
RM Furnace
Mk2 and mk3 Collectors (Normal ones are enabled don't worry ) reason being for mk2 and mk3 is you aquire items too quickly.
Wireless redstone (causes server crashing)
Transmutation Tablet (dupe glitch)
Red Matter Furnace
We would also like to make it clear that there are no factions or towny. We believe in a server dedicated to raiding and greifing your protection should be either a forcefield, well hidden base far away from spawn, and not being stupid. For example, don't accept a teleport request from someone you don't know or trust. It is not our fault if you get greifed or raided because this server is dedicated to it. We will not be refunding items. Whining about lost items = kick.

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