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FTBUltimate Reloaded

#1 FTBUltimate Reloaded 1.12.2 Survival Server



Spawn with useful information about the server and not a wall of rules.
Player Shops!

Player Shops!

Make a shop and become the shekel winner!
Mining World!

Mining World!

24/7 Survival PvE FTBUltimate Reloaded 1.12.2 Server - NEW MAP/TWILIGHT ENABLED


  • Join and Play! No sign-up.
  • Keepinventory is enabled. You will not lose your items in the overworld!
  • Admin Shop (Over 200+ items for sale)
  • Player Shops (Sells your plots or buy plots on the market)
  • x5 ore rate mining world
  • Veinminer - Break ore veins with 1 break
  • ChopTree/Timbermod/Treedestroyage - Break a whole tree in one punch
  • Autosell cobble/dirt/gravel for shekels automatically
  • Jobs (Miner, digger and more)
  • Loan shekels from the server!
  • Griefprevention + Towns
  • Taxes Plugin (Income taxes)
  • Lottery! (Buy lotto tickets)
  • Auction System! Sell your items via auctions!
  • Make clans and show off your clan name as your prefix!
  • Chunkloaders allowed! - Max 3 per player!
  • Not a hub server.


  • /back
  • /sethome
  • /home
  • /rtp (random teleport)
  • /tpa (teleport to a friend)
  • /loan
  • /buyclaimblocks
  • /vm on & off
  • /marry
  • /auction
  • and much more!

Download the launcher here:
Modpack: FTBUltimate Reloaded 1.12.2
Modpack Version: 1.9.0/1.9.1 (Latest)

If you have problems connecting or updating your client, join discord,

Very laggy and borderline unplayable experience. Staff is also not friendly and frequently makes memes out of these reviews....
Posted 22nd Apr 2021
My base got bombed, then I got banned. I was given no reason for the ban beyond "because your shit". Avoid this server like the plague, at first it seems nice but the owner is terrible. I was given no chance to appeal the ban.
Posted 5th Apr 2021
Very abusive staff. Countless people are banned while following rules. Bans are often doled out for incredibly trivial reasons. I haven't personally been banned, but it is very hard to miss. In this server, it is common to avoid talking to or mentioning staff in any capacity. They will make stuff up to ban you if you are not praising and worshipping them. Even then, they might just nuke your base and ban you for taking up too much space on the server. I personally theorize that the staff is saturated with powertripping 14 year olds. Regardless, it is easily the worst community I have seen. I would tell you not to play on this server, but the staff seems to have that part covered
Posted 12th Jan 2021
Owned by a trash of a server owner who's only in it for the money to buy more of what I assume are the drugs he has to be on to have such a bad attitude towards players. Also stole packs from ftb and sf4 and uploaded em to technic and claimed they were his only to get extra advertisement. After packs were removed he made a discord announcement saying "Technic is closing down" but later removed this statement and redirected people to curseforge.

Posted 15th Dec 2020
I was playing on this server for months without any issues. When the server restarted I decided to team up with some people I was playing with before things were going great so we were going to push for the largest fusion reactor.

When we finally got the materials to build it then signs start appearing that tell us to scale down our build or face deletion. So I was talking about taring down the place with the people I was working with and the admin had already deleted much of our storage drives.

The admin said that we were dumping items on the market and destroying the economy of the server when nether of us had a shop or had been selling things to others, we were only focused on making that reactor.

All I did was ask how is making our claim for deletion was related to dumping items and i was immediately banned. I then went to there discord and asked support how to appeal a ban and I was immediately ban from the discord. So I went to the website and appealed the ban but there was no response.

Do not trust the admins of this server. They don't tell you what you did wrong and you get no second chances they just ban.
Posted 13th Dec 2020
These guys steal packs on Technic and add a single mod to it to avoid most reports, It's as bad as the Pixelmon spam a year ago, annoying as it fucks with the listings and rankings that take people forever to get up on.

The owner is abusive twords his players, or at least is unrestrained with his vitriol when they annoy him. Avoid this server, there are plenty of alternatives such as Golden Sands, BacoNetwork, Kinetic Network, and Shadownode.
Posted 10th Dec 2020
Started out as a good server then one of the staff members Rob got on my friend and I asked him a few questions then tells us basically its our issue that our items disappear because they dont just disappear off the server itll never happen etc... Well I went a little overboard with my machines got banned the server owner said I could be unbanned and this happened last monday I talked to him about being unbanned. So its been 6 days im still banned and when I asked about it I told them I talked to him about it on monday and the answer I got back was "its not monday" so i was confused and asked "it has to be monday for the appeals to get checked?" I dont run their operations and i dont know how their operations are run so im asking to know if i have to wait till tomorrow and here this asshole rob comes at me saying ive got an attitude and if i want to stay perm banned to keep up with my attitude and this dude has been a fucking asshole since ive started playing on the server so my advise is if you like to be bullied by a dick head this server is for you! And yes I supported the server and spent over $100 helping out for donations to get treated like shit so yeah...
Posted 26th Oct 2020
I made the mistake of suggesting that the rent for the shops was too high, i guess that was worth a ban.

There is no chance than any positive review on this awful service was not made by the ownership themselves/staff, or paid some player to make for them.

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE, i should have read the reviews.
Posted 9th Jul 2020
avoid this server unless you like hearing about drugs and listening to the owner run his mouth, randomly banning players for doing literally nothing but asking a question.

To be clear, I was not banned but I've witnessed this behavior first hand against several other players, most of them even donators. The owner of this server is complete trash.
Posted 9th Jul 2020
Got banned by a guy called swag something. I didn't even do anything or break any rule! Avoid!!!!
Posted 1st Jul 2020
Owner is mean and bans you if you report an exploit. Instead of fixing it for future explotiers they just ban you. Do not recommend
Posted 1st Jul 2020
Posted 1st Jul 2020
Beware of this server, as others have stated, the owner will ban you without any regard, and honestly without any reason at all.

I have been a patron of this server for months, welcoming new players, even bringing my own family onto this server to play as well. We have donated, significantly to the server because years ago I ran a network and know the costs involved. I have had numerous conversation on the discord with the owner, swagella, even in voice chat, etc. I am an adult, not a child, and most of the conversations were decent, minus the part when he says "my stoned ass cant keep track of what i do"

Anyway, my family and I had been anticipating the server reset over the last several weeks, and just yesterday it was reset, and the the ownership actually took some of my own provided suggestions to improve the experience for players all around. That said, I played a few hours that night, and come back the next day. Swag says in the chat, "seems like it helped a bit", literally that was his message in the game. Me, being chatty responded with, "What, did you advertise somewhere to get more players"? Thinking that's what he was referring to because there was an influx in players today. He responded with "i thought you were smarter than that, but obviously not" or something rude of that nature. I simply replied with something like "I'm not sure what you are talking about, but that was rude" The guy simply made a statement with absolutely no context, or at least no context that I had seen (maybe it was before i joined the server), and I just asked what it was that he meant? A moment later I receive a ban message that says find a new server.

I was in shock after receiving the ban because I had done nothing wrong, I had been in high spirits since the server reset, welcoming every new player who joined. I hopped on to the discord and asked him what his problem was, and why he did that, because he knew me, and we'd had several decent conversations about the status of the server in the past. He simply responded with, "I don't like you and I want you to leave." to which I replied "are you mistaking me with someone else, because I haven't done anything wrong." The last message he sent said "Find a new server". and I was banned from the discord as well.

Seriously, while this server has great performance, hardly any lag, very minimal banned items, the guy is in obviously in a very bad place in his life, obvious based on his judgement and countless other people who have had the same experiences. I recommend avoiding this place, don't make the mistake I made.
Posted 26th Jun 2020
One heck of an awesome server, Friendly staff, fun plugins, Great GriefProtection, Minimal Banned items.
10/10 Would vote again
Posted 12th Dec 2019
awesome place to chill and play ftb. a friendly atmosphere with a laid back attitude . i would recommend this server to a friend .
Posted 6th Sep 2019
i've been playing this server a while now and it's great! everyone is friendly and welcoming and playing this server has really brought back some old FTB feels! Also i have pushed myself to donate to this fantastic server because of how amazing it really is.

also i want to thank the creators and managers of this severs for an amazing time!

thank you,

Kyle Steel ( xLaMbDa_CoRex)
Posted 2nd Aug 2019
Great Server, has issues with lag and crashes like every server but super fast friendly staff! Economy is okay, the end game players tend to control the market but theres no real way around that. Good economy balance though theres are items that the server sells to reduce the amount of shekels in circulation. Probably best server you will find for this mod pack!
Posted 20th Jun 2019
Was looking for a legit FTB Ultimate Reloaded server and happened upon this one

No forum registration, just slide right into it, thats a plus, so is tree felling (instant break w/ axe but damages it for each block broken)

Its got a smooth and non invasive way of helping you with the basic commands, but its deceptively in depth giving you access to a bunch of decent stuff and the sheer power of / with no walls to get there, /home, /tpa (teleport to players) with an accept or deny system to prevent unwanted player travel. and overall the commands dont let you have too much power, or too little, but some will need to self regulate to keep it fresh. It was tough to know all the commands you can use tho so that could be improved

The modern day greif protections are incredible and these guys take full advantage of that, lots of blocks per hour meaning you dont have to play for weeks to have a larger scale base fully protected from fuckery, and the policy when it comes to griefing is "if you didnt have it protected then its fair game" and that combined really gives the world a free, sort of alive feeling (which on a FTB server is especially nice) And I still had a player happen upon my base and take a few solar panels I had added without remembering to expand the protections

So far the admins have been pleasant and helpful in all regards, many players speak rather freely on the game so hey its not always pg-13

Its economy is off but that doesnt mean bad. It is a pretty good user contributed system, so sometimes pride or competition or something gets people to sell high end stuff for insanely low prices. If you know what you are essentially willing to cheat with, and what you are not then you should be ok, again, self regulation may be required

Good server performance but with some interesting costs, animals and mobs are slow to move and if you attack them then they kick into normal mode so it can seem odd at first, the livestock not going through the pathing process (the computer figuring out how to get them from one place to another) saves a lot of stess on the server and despite chunkloaders, impressive bases ect. every block-break and attack feels fast and responsive. Active community, good times to be had, the reviews here dont do it justice, check it out
Posted 9th Jun 2019
This server is pretty bad overall, staff never online. and when they are they just disable/ban both items and players. the server lags and dont even have that many players online. simply just an amateur server..
Posted 29th May 2019
Lovley community, but bad irrational staff.
had mob farms running for weeks, no problems.
had fail safes With fall dmg, incase crushers went offline, added iron golem to my Collection. totally forgot that iron golems dont take fall damage, and ofc my lava pump finnished when i was afk and it ended up causing lag. my bad. but i got all my T5 souls Shards taken, i got a msg from Admin telling me Im banned from making mob spawners, and no chance to fix redeem myself. and banning one person from making mob spawners on an "Economy" server seems unfair, taking all the t5 shards seems unfair. appropriate punishment would be like a small temp ban, and the instruction to fix whatever problem there is, but this servers staff is too Young and powerhungry enjoying punishing players for silly reasons...
Posted 24th May 2019

I started playing on this server a little over a week ago. Had a good time overall, the community was good. The player base was pretty active.

Heres the thing

The staff is extremely irrational. The staff will never go out of their way to fix lag issues, they'll either ban you or disable things when it's not necessary.

You want to know the reason I got banned? I got banned because I had a pink slime farm. Occasionally the slimes would die in the walls and drop slimeballs. This did not cause any lag, but apparently the staff saw it as a major issue. I was banned instantly and I got no say in the matter. I was also immediately banned from the discord server.

I spent hours after hours building up my base only for it all to be taken away after seconds of a staff member teleporting to me and making a rash decision. They offered me no chance to fix
Posted 23rd May 2019
Rating 0/10
WARNING: Do NOT LET your Children play on this server. Owner is into some hard stuff. Please send your prayers out to the server owner.

Dear Swagella (Owner/Admin),

I wish I had read the reviews about the other servers you host. You certainly had us fooled. You also host these servers:
play ftbrevelation ca
play direwolf20 ca
You claim it's not a network, yet host many different mod packs. How can you possibly have the time to put the necessary care into 3-4 servers when you can't even care for this one?
I have over 23 days play time on your FTBUltimate server.

If I had read the reviews on your other servers,
I would have noticed a pattern of you banning people out of nowhere without explanation or cause.

I understand you don't actually play FTB, and you're just trying to run a business so you can have extra pot money, but, please allow me to teach you a little about your own product:
FTB Ultimate Reloaded has the mod "Tech Reborn".
In "Tech Reborn" there is an awesome machine called the "Fusion Reactor" which produces a near infinite amount of EU.
As you are an admin and not a real Minecraft'er, let me enlighten you a bit more. EU is an Energy type, which is needed to run many machines including the mass fabricator.
In FTB Ultimate Reloaded, the ONLY way to drive a LOT of EU to the mass fabricator is through the "Energy Converters" mod.
Me and a few friends built a device that would provide enough scrap to fill a mass fabricator with a TON of EU so we could produce UU-Matter at a rate of 2 or 3 UU matter every second.
You might think this is excessive, but in the "Tech Reborn" mod, the fusion reactor requires over 500,000 UU-Matter to build.
Had you, Swagella, the owner who is suppose to be responsible for your own server, given us, your player base and supporters, an explanation as to why generating scrap or transferring EU causes latency for the server, we would have gladly taken the device down and continued with a lesser rate of 1 UU-Matter per 10 seconds.
But you did not give us that chance. You are too busy coughing from an exorbitant amount of hash oil consumption and handing out random bans to loyal players.
I'm sorry, but you are an irrational person filled with lots of hateful emotion. We spoke on discord many times. While my friends and I attempted to suggest new and improved ways to engage your players with events and redesigned player shops and a more balanced economy, YOU talked about how you ONLY RUN THE SERVERS for donations TO SUPPORT your POT SMOKING and other online game shop purchases, and buying items in Archeage.

Some words that came out of your mouth were very sad to hear, "Guys some loser just bought Onyx rank on ultimate reloaded, you know what thaaaat meeeans, half oz of kush and Wurm cards hahahaha"

What you said just before you banned us? "You guys are always making me log in to fix this stupid server, I can't handle this anymore." Without even giving us a chance to reply or remedy the situation. I was a supportive donor trying hard to increase engagement and consistently helped your player-base even when you lacked the responsibility.

And I wish it was just weed you were smoking, but from what we heard you talk about, you're into some hard stuff that takes decades of rehab and recovery for.

God bless you Swagella, I'll pray for you.

-- Sumribe aka Keto
-- Discord = KetoClear#9347
Posted 17th May 2019
Fun server, helpful people, little lag, and little banned items, also no min prices. -josh0004
Posted 21st Apr 2019
Awesome server!

Few banned items, very stable and no lag, helpful friendly staff!
This is a good server to have a great time and make friends on, I recommend it!
Posted 15th Apr 2019