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Order and Chaos


Whitelist Application:

This is a fun friendly server.
No raiding. No greifing. No bullshit.
Fail to follow our rules and we will not hesitate to ban you.

This server is owned and run by a gaming community...

-What are we?-
A growing gaming community. We try to keep ourselves involved in everything gaming related. MMORPGs, MOBAs, even youtube gaming channels. We're here to make friends, play games together, share all things gaming, and most importantly, have as much fun as possible!

-Who are we?-
Gamers of all 'shapes and sizes'. Age is just a number that does not determine a person's maturity or IQ. We accept anyone and everyone into our community. If you act like a child no matter what your age is, you will be treated like a child. We try to be a respectful group, and when we have to, we'll remove the "weeds".

-How to join?-
You can join us through our website here, facebook group, steam group, a guild in a mmorpg we play, one of our game servers, or through the all-in-one voice and text chat app called Discord (most active). While everything else is a great way to get things started, Discord is our most active and central point of everything. We all hang out and chat in the text channels, with the optional voice channels which is great for playing games together, and even recording or live streaming.

-More about us.-
We have rules set in place to keep things in order.
A Discord server to help keep things active and interesting.
A DJ room for those who like to listen to music.
A staff application and rank system to help manage everything and keep people in order.
A gallery to share our gaming experiences.
An updates section to keep up with everything that is going on with the community.
An event calendar for hosting events.
A donation system to help expand our community. The money will go to hosting more game servers, and other possible features in the future.
And game servers! We currently only have a Minecraft server, but we plan to expand into other games.

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