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1.3.4 Infinity EnigmaticCraft Friendly Community


This is a server running new ftb mod pack infinity this server is 24/7 lag free The server will be using towny as the main protection plugin. Towns will be considered safe zones which means no pvp,griefing or stealing breaking this rule will result in being banned. Mostly everything else will be considered wild which will be allowed to pvp,grief and steal. Join us now and help shape our growing community.

Server Rules
Rule # 1 - No cheating for hacking in anyway.
Rule # 2 - Do not be annoying.
Rule # 3 - Do not grief or pvp near towns
Rule # 4 - Be respectful to others
Rule # 5 - Respect all staff, and don't just rage.
Rule # 6 - Do not advertise other servers

Staff Owner: AlbinoBurrito Admin: TheyCallMesushii Camron Gm: Nidis.kpdoney

Banned Items Nukes,Plasma lazer,EnderBow,Spamr Launcher,Voodoo Dolls,Descriptive book, Dimension builders

Banned Mods Mysticraft

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