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AgedCraft Daybreaker [ PvE/Dedicated/TP/Home/Giref


This is a dedicated server with minimum 8GB of ram but I can allocate up to 24GB if need be. Server is a quad core i5 with 2TB of storage and is online 24/7.

Server Info

  • Currently no banned items.
  • No staff aside from me ( for now )

About 'networks'

All my numbers are legit on this server, I too, hate when you join a server only to find out that the server is on a 'network' and there are only 1-5 players online for one particular server.

I do not currently, nor will I ever, use a network setup.

Future Item Bans

As with all new servers, items will be banned given enough time. As dupes, glitches, or server crashes emerge, those items will be handled accordingly.

I do not, nor will I, ban an item if it has an effect on other players' play styles, unless it meets the above criteria.

No Donations

Currently I do not currently accept donations on the server. If in the event I choose to, they will be in compliance with the Mojang EULA - ie. not pay to win

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