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#1 Direwolf 1.20.1 - IP:

Server Info

Server Info

24/7 Survival/Economy Direwolf20 1.20.1 Server


  • Join and Play! No sign-up.
  • Player Shops (Sells your plots or buy plots on the market)
  • Veinminer - Break ore veins with 1 break
  • ChopTree/Timbermod/Treedestroyage - Break a whole tree in one punch
  • Autosell cobble/dirt/gravel for shekels automatically
  • Jobs (Miner, digger and more, HUNTER IS GOOD, 12+ Jobs) + Quests + Skills
  • Griefdefender + Towns
  • Taxes that feed money into the lottery. (Big lotto, pretty good)
  • Lottery! (Buy lotto tickets)
  • Make clans and show off your clan name as your prefix!
  • Not a hub server.
  • Way more features!


  • /back
  • /sethome
  • /home
  • /rtp (random teleport)
  • /tpa (teleport to a friend)
  • /loan
  • /top
  • /buyclaimblocks
  • /vm on & off
  • /marry
  • /trade
  • /skills
  • and much more!

Download the launcher here:

Modpack: Direwolf20 1.20.1
Modpack Version: Latest

If you have problems connecting or updating your client, join discord,

DW20 is a very buggy modpack when it comes to multiplayer servers. I've been on other servers that literally can't even run properly because of it. This server runs it pretty well though there are bugs even the staff can't fix because the devs don't have a solution for it (yet) There are a lot of players who don't understand that. Ignore those :) I lost my infinity drill to a bug but with proof staff gave it back. The community is great and it's worth sticking around if you're patient and understanding :)
Posted 21st May 2024
The server has a ton of bugs and staff rarely fixes any issues.
Posted 20th May 2024
Mod pack is fun and Server is cool. Host is attentive to issues. The culture is chill. No pressure to join but feel welcome to join chat, discord, etc.
Posted 16th Jan 2024
Great server and community. It's nice that it has a lot of features other servers ban like mining tools and natures compass.
Posted 1st Jan 2024