This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Fight Club Direwolf20 server No Lag


UPDATED - 3/18/13 Back to our Hardcore Roots!!!

                                            Direwolf V5.2

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FIGHT CLUB - MORE RAM MORE PLUGINS - FREE TO PLAY - FREE TO PLAY with /TPA - Mystcraft and Twilight Forest Enabled

Why play here? Because we aren't like the rest.




Mumble: port:52290

3.8ghz Hexcore 32gb Ram Dedicated SSD

Server Ad

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We DO NOT ask for donations. The server is for YOU the gamer.

Come Join us! We have a Awesome Staff, Website and a starts of a Youtube site.

Use Direwolf20 Version 5.2

Banned Mods:
Gravity Gun (Grief Spawn)
Portal Gun (Creates Lag)

Banned Items:
Nukes (Obvious Reasons)
Mining Laser (Grief through Worldguard)
Canvas Bags (Dupes items)
Chunk Loaders
.....Visit the website for the full list

Restricted Items:
Shard of Minium (You can only purchase these at trade-o-mats. This is to cut down on EE's OP nature)

Be polite
Respect the laws of physics
Do not hack, cheat or x-ray (Bypassing Towny and World Guard is NOT allowed)
PVP is allowed
Stealing is allowed
Griefing is allowed (You can claim Towns - antigrief)
most importantly...HAVE FUN!


- Anti PVP log

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