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Hello im Uber1234emil my new mincraft server from ggservers is emty and im loking for new members.

Have you ever wanted TO PLAY on a server just like MindCrack/HermitCraft, CREATE YOUR OWN base, have fun,talk to the other players,build factorys and huge buildings, build amazing home's,shops,or any crazy cool looking building ur heart desires.
Well then if you are You will like DireEmil20 Server.
We are looking For Players that wont break the rules, are kind,reasonable,mature and Respectful to your fellow Players on the server, now i'm not saying you cant be funny and say some jokes here and there i'm just saying not to be in-mature about it.
Preferably we are looking for players of the ages of 13+

Rules:no cussing(its alright if u get mad here in there and it slips)
Not MESSING around with other peoples builds(unless the allow you too)
No Stealing(if u take like a stick or something from someones chest that's no bigy)
Do not chunk load evrything(it makes a lot of lagg)
Do not break THE RULES(lol)


In game Name:
Youtube Channel:
A LITTLE BIT about your Self:
Why do you Want to join this Server?:
What Good Will you bring to this Server?:
How good is your building?:
how much do you know about FTB?:

FTB modpack: The mod pack is direwolf20 1.6.4 don`t edit the mod pack if you do it wont work

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