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EU/NA ~ ModRealms Network ~ Antimatter Chemistry

Love this server.
No lag at all, only my computer (XD) and the community is nice and fun.
Posted 21st Apr 2019
Just started playing on modrealms recently, and have had very few issues with lag and whatnot, but what took me by genuine surprise was when one of my group members got a large amount of difficult to make machine parts rolled back due to an unexpected error, the staff were able to help replace the parts (in exchange for the resources to make them of course) within literally five minutes of contacting them on the discord. This was especially impressive because it was 1 AM (for me) at the time.
Posted 20th Apr 2019
Starting from a few days ago, I joined this server fully expecting your run-of-the-mill modded network. I didn't know that there was a custom-made modpack launcher just for this network (Although its a bit iffy at times for me) little lag (even though I'm very far away from the server) and AWESOME support. I've been enjoying myself and all that this server has to offer.

ᶦ ᵃˡˢᵒ ᵍᵉᵗ ᶠʳᵉᵉ ᵒʳᵇˢ ᶠᵒʳ ʷʳᶦᵗᶦⁿᵍ ᵗʰᶦˢ ʳᵉᵛᶦᵉʷ
Posted 9th Mar 2019
Love this server, honestly the longest I have stuck to just one. The people are friendly, I don't have ridiculous lag and I am enjoying my Sky adventure so far.
Posted 9th Mar 2019
I've only played IE Skyblock on this server so far, and only for a few days. In only a few days, the things I've discovered worth noting:

-The network is by for more stable than any other IE Skyblock server I've found. There are 6 hour restarts.
-The owner and staff are frequently on. They respond to my questions almost immediately.
-There isn't an unnecessary amount of banned items.
-There are no issues with mob spawning.
-Frequent updates and fixes.
-The damn thing has its own optimized FTB launcher.

This is pretty incredible for a normal server, let alone an FTB server. I'm impressed.
Posted 10th Feb 2019
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You'll love ModRealms
'cause ModRealms loves you!
Posted 13th Jan 2019
Owner is dank
Staff are dank
Players are dank
Server is dank
Posted 12th Jan 2019
Hi to every new player. This network is one of the best modded server I ever seen through my 6 years playing modded minecraft. The community is very friendly, and staff very friendly. When I discovered this amazing server I was amaze by how there was no tps lag, no hackers and no player swearing, or insulting others players. I started playing on this network in december 2014 and since that day I saw 3 reworks of the network and not a single rework was bad and didnt take long to remake. Every single rework they did was better then the previous rework. They just relaunch the network no too long ago and they have surpassed their goals and those of the community. Through the years I played on this network I saw bad moments and really good moments but every bad moments they let their community know what is going to happen next. I never seen a single modded network then Modrealms to be so passionate about their community because they want to bring Modrealms where it was before the "dark age" (around 300 players and at peek 400 players).

So what amaze me the most is the speed of responds when you have a problem on the server and they even have their own Modrealms launcher that is so easy to use.

For this Amazing network I give 11/10
My ign: BoX BuDweIsEr
Posted 11th Jan 2019
I'm not really sure why I'm even here, I haven't played Minecraft in over a year. Despite my reluctance to play this game again, here I am now giving this network a ten. Enough of the one line rhymes that a child could create. It's time to start talking about this great network's fate.

The staff is very friendly, the most I've ever seen, they helped with all my issues, as if it were routine. I especially like the walrus, hes a very nice guy, though he may not know much, he will always satisfy. The one guy you'll always know has to be the Flash, he will amaze and astound you with his pure panache. The servers are stable and launched without ado, and that's why I decided to write this #RelaunchReview
Posted 10th Jan 2019
There once was a time I had nowhere to go.
Not many modded servers were stable,
Allot of them were slow.
But then I found modrealms, whom are very able.
The staff is very friendly,
the community more then complimentry.
They have had their ups and downs,
but Modrealms' servers keep being my favorite playgrounds.
Posted 10th Jan 2019
- Finally a place where I can be myself.
- A server that I wont be leaving on the shelf.
- Many custom plugins for us, Minecrafters
- Time to join our servers, dear voters.
- Many modpacks to show off your work.
- Modrealms is my only premium network.

IGN: joelou1
Posted 9th Jan 2019
I've been playing on this server since 2016, and over the years, there's a lot I've seen. I remember when the staff used to use skype, I remember the old website, and the servers when they were poppin. Then all of a sudden Modrealms was forgotten. It got a new owner as you can see. He's been trying to turn the server back into what it used to be. Please join the server, if you're new. I'm writing this for the #Relaunchreview.
Posted 9th Jan 2019
you know, it's a really solid server. keeps you going back for more so here's a 5/5
Posted 1st Jan 2019
This is a good server to play on
Posted 28th Nov 2018
I have been playing here for over 2 years now and i still like the game and the server verry much.
Posted 18th Sep 2018
The server is full of very kind and helpful staff and players. Server is sometimes laggy, but it's much much better now. I recommend this server a lot I rate this server 10/10. ^^
Posted 15th Sep 2018
i <3 this sirver verry fredly staff members
Posted 14th Sep 2018
So far this server has had great connection and little lag if any at all.
Posted 4th Aug 2018
I must say it has a very dedicated staff team with regular updates on their discord. hopefully they bring direpack 2.0 ;p
Posted 7th Jun 2018
Really nice community, highly recommend
Posted 29th May 2018
This is a honest review and not just to get a good rating. Overall it is a bullish 6/10.

-huge untouched map
-very little banned item count
-people not being kids, except me
-you can play in peace

-first impression of the owners troubleshooting ability seemed unimpressive
-tps lags
-sever downtime

we get there boys... come and play.
The server replied:
Hey! Thanks for the honest criticism, Good news is that we have implemented features to make sure that server's launch straight back up upon a crash! We hope to hear from you soon.
Posted 17th Apr 2018
Really good, low ping. High TPS. Highly recommended for long term players
The server replied:
Thank you for your review! We really appreciate it.
Posted 13th Apr 2018