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EU/NA ~ ModRealms // MC.E, RLCraft + Revelation!

Support Staff is helpful and resolved my issue right away! :)
Posted 2nd Nov 2019
Apart from the extreme lag the staff are understanding most of the time, When the server crashes several times in a single day and after a few replaces of lost items or pets/villagers you are transporting or what not they simply refuse to replace it even though it was the server crashing that was at fault and not the player. This review might come off as a bit petty but its how i feel at the moment. They should be more fair to their players when it comes to the server crashing... just an upsetting experience. I want to purchase a rank but without the repetitive crashing subsiding i will not.
The server replied:
Hey! Thank you for your review. We are continuously looking into the performance issues on RLCraft, causing the loss of some of your items that have been refunded.
Posted 30th Oct 2019
Great server with an active owner and moderators that keep on top of problem players the pop up from time to time very quickly and professionally, while maintaining an easy going and fun attitude with the player base. Servers can laggy during peak hours or on weekends, but for a server without a subscription fee, it is outstanding and being one of the best.
Posted 27th Oct 2019
Having a lot of fun on the server and they are very helpfull if you have a problem :)
Posted 22nd Oct 2019
The server is pretty fun to play on, minus the lag and all. The players there are really nice, all in all, great server!
Posted 22nd Oct 2019
Very good server and the staff are very helpful and supportive with problems/bugs.
Posted 16th Oct 2019
The RLcraft server is having some problems, but the mod pack is a hefty load, and I’m genuinely impressed with how much they are able to get working. The staff is very friendly and understanding, 9/10. They’re a little overloaded right now, so hopefully they are able to get everything worked out. The community is very friendly as far as Minecraft goes. They’re only problem right now I’d say is reliability, but I don’t blame them for that.
Posted 14th Oct 2019
It's a very nice server and quite a bit to do whether you're solo or playing with friends. The owner and administrative staff are prompt, reliable and helpful 10/10. However, the community (ingame) isn't exactly helpful or friendly depending whose online at the time. I recommend this server 8/10 and advise you play with others as it adds to the experience and fun. Overall I feel it's worth the time and effort. The features present are really nice and enjoyable-- just felt I'd add that.
Posted 9th Oct 2019
This network is probably one of the better networks I've played in a long while. For the most part, everything is all around good. I play on the RLCraft server on it, as of the moment of writing this, there are some problems but all around this network is doing something right.

In regards to the server I play on itself, there are some issues like lag, but as of writing this, it's a few-day-old new server, there were also some other issues that were pretty major but the owner of the network is surprisingly very active and fast at fixing everything, honestly it feels like s/he is a whole staff team just on their own.

In regards to the staff team, I don't really have much to say, the owner is great at what he does and seems like a staff team on his/her own as mentioned before, but the rest of the staff team doesn't seem to have much 'presence', don't get me wrong, they are also active it seems, but I've personally seen more of the owner around and have gotten more help from them/other players as opposed to the majority of staff. That said, I kind of prefer the staff team this way as most servers I've played on kind of feel like the staff are just players with special privileges.

Honestly I was adverse to using a 3rd party mod-pack launcher that is custom-made for a network, but I was having some trouble running a pack so I tried the one this network offers. It's very minimalist and not a pain in the ass, the design is smooth and nice, there is basically only one design-related feature I am on the fence about but can't think of anything better for. The launcher seems to let me run this pack better on my lower-end PC, so just this alone gets some points.

I'd probably put the score at max for this server if it wasn't for the TPS lag, on the RLcraft server I play on, it's usually at a solid 10 - 12, that said, as it's new and with the frequency of issues being fixed, I expect that it will be solved very soon so it's not really an issue for me.

Active owner, nice person. Staff lacks presence but I feel like that's a nice thing, server is pretty good; players friendly. A little lag, fast fixes.
Posted 4th Oct 2019
its a nice, friendly, self contained server, whats not to like?
Posted 3rd Oct 2019
There's not much to dislike. Its decent. Everyone once in a while there's a rude player who comes in not knowing a clue on what to do with certain things I.E claiming tool or whatever its called. And when a regular player tries to help they just scream obscenities sometimes but the staff or the owner will come on quickly resolve it and basically say the same thing that the regular player said. Which is annoying but overall the staff is wonderful and the players are wonderful just the occasional player that comes in rude(very rarely).
Posted 26th Sep 2019
Family friendly server, and there is no restricted items, so that's good
Posted 14th Aug 2019
Good staff, great mod selection, community is not hostile and is commonly active, well put together discord, visuals, name, seems to have great potential. Just a bit laggy atm
Posted 8th Aug 2019
Pros : Love the Support system and Ticketing System
Posted 18th Jun 2019
Staff(The owner is the one who helped me) was available immediately after I asked for assistance, and he solved my issues with ease and elegance. Wonderful server!
Posted 7th Jun 2019
The staff, especially the owner, are very helpful and resolve issues at a rate I have yet to see amongst server management.

Donations are well managed, you can't "pay to win" on this server.

Servers are extremely stable, in part due to the restarts that take so little time that you barely notice.

The playerbase are very welcoming and helpful to new players, haven't seen any unpleasant people which I've found to be rare in MC servers.

Overall, the only issues I have with this server are those outside of their control, such as issues with plugins. The first time I can genuinely leave a 10/10 review.
Posted 26th May 2019
*Для русскоязычных игроков*
Недавно зашел на этот проект. Играю порядка 3-х дней. Всё лучше чем могло быть. Сервер вообще не лагает. TPS очень высокий. То же самое с аптаймом. Администрация проводит достаточно много на сервере. (Ля, как мне нравится этот хелпер (joelu1)).
Короче, будущие игроки, заходите на данный сервер. Есть кейсы, ивенты. Самое главное, что запрещённых вещей очень мало. Всем удачи)0
Posted 5th May 2019
Just started playing on modrealms recently, and have had very few issues with lag and whatnot, but what took me by genuine surprise was when one of my group members got a large amount of difficult to make machine parts rolled back due to an unexpected error, the staff were able to help replace the parts (in exchange for the resources to make them of course) within literally five minutes of contacting them on the discord. This was especially impressive because it was 1 AM (for me) at the time.
Posted 20th Apr 2019
Starting from a few days ago, I joined this server fully expecting your run-of-the-mill modded network. I didn't know that there was a custom-made modpack launcher just for this network (Although its a bit iffy at times for me) little lag (even though I'm very far away from the server) and AWESOME support. I've been enjoying myself and all that this server has to offer.

ᶦ ᵃˡˢᵒ ᵍᵉᵗ ᶠʳᵉᵉ ᵒʳᵇˢ ᶠᵒʳ ʷʳᶦᵗᶦⁿᵍ ᵗʰᶦˢ ʳᵉᵛᶦᵉʷ
Posted 9th Mar 2019
Love this server, honestly the longest I have stuck to just one. The people are friendly, I don't have ridiculous lag and I am enjoying my Sky adventure so far.
Posted 9th Mar 2019
I've only played IE Skyblock on this server so far, and only for a few days. In only a few days, the things I've discovered worth noting:

-The network is by for more stable than any other IE Skyblock server I've found. There are 6 hour restarts.
-The owner and staff are frequently on. They respond to my questions almost immediately.
-There isn't an unnecessary amount of banned items.
-There are no issues with mob spawning.
-Frequent updates and fixes.
-The damn thing has its own optimized FTB launcher.

This is pretty incredible for a normal server, let alone an FTB server. I'm impressed.
Posted 10th Feb 2019
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You'll love ModRealms
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Posted 13th Jan 2019
Owner is dank
Staff are dank
Players are dank
Server is dank
Posted 12th Jan 2019
Hi to every new player. This network is one of the best modded server I ever seen through my 6 years playing modded minecraft. The community is very friendly, and staff very friendly. When I discovered this amazing server I was amaze by how there was no tps lag, no hackers and no player swearing, or insulting others players. I started playing on this network in december 2014 and since that day I saw 3 reworks of the network and not a single rework was bad and didnt take long to remake. Every single rework they did was better then the previous rework. They just relaunch the network no too long ago and they have surpassed their goals and those of the community. Through the years I played on this network I saw bad moments and really good moments but every bad moments they let their community know what is going to happen next. I never seen a single modded network then Modrealms to be so passionate about their community because they want to bring Modrealms where it was before the "dark age" (around 300 players and at peek 400 players).

So what amaze me the most is the speed of responds when you have a problem on the server and they even have their own Modrealms launcher that is so easy to use.

For this Amazing network I give 11/10
My ign: BoX BuDweIsEr
Posted 11th Jan 2019
I'm not really sure why I'm even here, I haven't played Minecraft in over a year. Despite my reluctance to play this game again, here I am now giving this network a ten. Enough of the one line rhymes that a child could create. It's time to start talking about this great network's fate.

The staff is very friendly, the most I've ever seen, they helped with all my issues, as if it were routine. I especially like the walrus, hes a very nice guy, though he may not know much, he will always satisfy. The one guy you'll always know has to be the Flash, he will amaze and astound you with his pure panache. The servers are stable and launched without ado, and that's why I decided to write this #RelaunchReview
Posted 10th Jan 2019