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EU/NA ~ ModRealms // MC.E, RLCraft + Revelation!


We currently host servers for the following modpacks:
RLCraft (Three Nodes!) @
Omnifactory @
Project Ozone 3 (Kappa) @
MC Eternal @
SevTech: Ages Of The Sky @
FTB Revelation @
Chroma Technology @
Divine Journey (Brand New!) @

Are you unable to connect to one of these servers? No worries! Let us know on Discord and we'll help you out.


We want you! Come join ModRealms!

Have you always wanted to be part of a forever-innovating and idea-driven community on an active and friendly server? Or perhaps you're wanting a place where you can be at peace, away from griefers and 'Harms Way'. We feel that you've come to the right place! ModRealms is an experienced, fast-growing and long-term network and our main goal is to provide you a friendly, lovely and safe place to enjoy the fruits of Modded Minecraft, whether it's with a friend, or by yourself.

Why ModRealms?

(clears throat) Well, uh. Personally I've always felt that our hospitality to all players is something that has made us stand-out. We try our hardest to promote positivity and kindness throughout every corner of the network, whether it's in Discord, in-game chat or even in a description for the network. As a plugin developer, I'm also able to provide top quality custom plugins to make everybodies experience that little bit more special, and we're always open to suggestions of new features that you'd love to see.

ModRealms Launcher

We've released our brand new launcher for you to find all of our modpacks on! We provide custom fixes, optimisations and other features that won't be available with the Twitch launcher. Our launcher is light, fast and can reduce memory usage by over half - Whilst removing the need to remember to update or note down our IP addresses, everything is handled for you. If you're interested in using our launcher, you can find it at

Are you looking forward to joining? Why not tell us about it on our Discord server!

Want to know a little bit more about us? Why don't you read our reviews at the bottom of this page...


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Posted 19th Apr 2021
Honestly a great server. I had an issue where some of my items were misplaced and the mods helped me figure it out and found them for me right away. 10/10
Posted 8th Dec 2020
This server is excellent, staff is very kind and always here for anyone who's in need
9.5/10 because of some bugs in a modpack, otherwise i would rate it again if they're gone somedays
Posted 4th Sep 2020
Good performance, experienced staff, cool community 10/10 would review again
Posted 23rd Jun 2020
Staff and availability: <3
server TPS on ozone 3 is bad but somehow the low tps here still feels better than low tps on other servers.
Posted 12th May 2020
Really dope, love it even though its hard af.
Posted 4th May 2020
I've been playing on ModRealms' RR5 server for a couple of weeks now and I've loved my experience so much that I recently jumped in as a donator, I want to see this set of server go on for years to come!

Great player base, attentive staff and the owner is not only very active but really friendly too, add all of these to the custom plugins and altogether you have an amazing MC experience.

Can't wait to try the other packs now...
Posted 2nd May 2020
Helped me a lot Thank you very much 10/10 5 star review :)
Posted 12th Apr 2020
Updating my review because things have changed since a couple months ago.
It lags a bit, as modded servers tend to do, but that's a given. Resets rarely ever happen, so there's no need to worry about that. The staff are great, especially Alexandra, one of the supervisors. The best staff is NicholasRC7, even though he's only an assistant at the time of writing the review. It has RLCraft, which isn't a good pack, but even the RLCraft server manages to be good, and that's an extreme accomplishment for a pack such as RLCraft! I play on E2E.
IGN: NicholasRC7
Posted 25th Mar 2020
I use this server when im playing Rlcraft or Omnifactory. I haven't encountered any problems except for the rlcraft incident which im fine with. But once i asked for my time and title back, they responded back within the next minute and i had got my time fixed within a few minutes. 10/10 great staff, would talk to them again.
Posted 21st Mar 2020
I was actually impressed with the dedication of the staff on this server. They resolve everything fast faster than i was expecting (i'm talking about a matter of minutes). Great community! Great server! Great staff!
Posted 19th Mar 2020
I have been active on Modrealms for quite awhile now and would have to say it’s one of the best modded experiences I have ever had. From the owner down the staff ranks to the mods.... everyone is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help in anyway they can.
Posted 17th Feb 2020
Modrealms is a great network with a wide variety of modpacks to choose from. All their servers are quite stable. They have custom features which their owner (Ally / Flash) makes himself. Like a custom made chunkloader system and a party chat (for your friend to chat in).

The owner listens to the suggestions that the community make on Discord and whenever possible tries to implement them (even if he has to code it himself).

They have a smal but rather active staff team of 3 very friendly moderators. Overall they are rather quick to solve an issue that may arise.

The only downside is the fact that these moderators are restricted quite a bit (permission wise on the server). Which means a player would have to wait quite a bit longer for the owner to hop on the server and fix something. I think this is something you guys can improve on. Other than that this server is awesome and well worth my / your time!
Posted 17th Feb 2020
All-round excellent network.
Posted 5th Feb 2020
I like the server because there is no LAG, whe keep our items with us after die, the community is not toxic.
I had an issue with a bug and they helped me and gave me back my levels.
Posted 1st Feb 2020
TL;DR: I really, really enjoy this server.
I first found this server when it had SkyFactory 3. As far as I know, this was the first server, and first modpack I played. After that closed down for reasons (which I forgot), I found out later on that SkyFactory 4 was released. Almost immediately, the server added the modpack and I really enjoyed playing on that again. After that closed down for not enough players, I found Omnifactory, which I used to hate but now I love, and I still play it to this day. I love this server, and I've bought a rank multiple times in the past, and I still enjoy it to this day. The ticket system and tickets are amazing, and the outcome is always either me feeling dumb after realizing it was my fault and I messed something up or that the problem was resolved. The community is amazing and usually family friendly. Second to lastly, the updates are usually quick unless there is a problem with the newest update, and if the server doesn't update, they have their own launcher... wow. All in all, this server is awesome.
Posted 27th Jan 2020
I started playing on this network's servers not too long ago but have been impressed by their professionalism, dedication, and effort they are putting into maintaining and improving upon what they have. Support from them has been swift when requested and they are a blast to interact with while playing on the servers.
Posted 26th Jan 2020
First of all, This is an AMAZING server, held up by a great community, I'm not slandering it, etc. The community is friendly (mostly) and people are willing to help new players learn the ropes. The staff and the amount of things they have set up to help the players is amazing too, and the staff behind the scenes working on maintenance and new mods, or other things are doing their job very well. Generaly an amazing server, besides that resource worlds are kind of buggy, and are always missing some sort of structure, or material.
Posted 30th Dec 2019
Excellent support! The support was great and having staff on to help makes the whole system better for everyone. Good Job!! :thumbs up:
Posted 5th Dec 2019
It's a blast to be on server. It is a really comfortable and warm gathering of people. I've only experienced one mod pack so far but i look forward to trying the others on this server. The staff is really gentle and takes really good care of you.

Overall a really good experience that everybody should try at least once

Posted 5th Dec 2019
I liked the server so much i bought a subscription rank, and loved the features so much i tried to buy a gift copy for my good buddy Sir_ZZWolf47. I failed, bought a 2nd redundant rank package.. which the server owner refunded immediately and I managed to get it right the 2nd time.

I've rarely seen anyone do that great at customer service in a long time. Give this network a chance you wont regret it.

Posted 1st Dec 2019
The community isn't bad compared to what I have seen, and can even be quite helpful at times. However as far as staff goes, Im half inclined to ask "what staff" as I never see any on besides the owner himself from time to time, and while I am not an impatient guy, I did their ticket system which says "we generally respond within a few minutes" and around three quarters of a day later there is still no response. I know it is not realistic for them to respond to every ticket within a few minutes (especially with the absense of staff) but you *really* shouldnt make promises you cant keep, no matter how small
Posted 29th Nov 2019
Good latency even though I'm connecting from Asia
and good selection of modpacks too

As of the writing of this review, hub world is currently under construction though.

But the best part about this server is the excellent issue support!
Posted 17th Nov 2019
Very happy with this server has to offer, i had an issue and they were really nice and helpful.
Would recommend at the fullest!
Posted 15th Nov 2019
It is a generally good server with very little lag.
The staff is very helpful and sort issues reasonably quick.
Most players are more then willing to help newcomers out when they first join.
Posted 9th Nov 2019