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EU | ModRealms | Dedicated 1.12.2 Modded Network


ModRealms Network - The Only Premium Modded Network

1.12 IPs - Direwolf20s 1.12 Pack - v1.10.0 (Newly updated!) - FTB Revelation - Latest Version! (Fresh world!) - FTB Continuum - Latest Version! (New!) - SevTech: Ages - Latest Version! (New!)

Welcome to ModRealms!

We have just relaunched our Network into ModRealms 4.0 featuring some of the best 1.12 Modpacks out there! We have a variety of game-play enhancing features and plugins which includes Nucleus, GriefPreventionPlus and LagGoggles. The network also features some custom plugins made by us to improve performance and user experience, These include custom chat-integrated token shops and unique timed ranks!

We are proud to present to you our staff team, They work day in, day out to help make sure that you receive the most premium experience possible whilst remaining professional. There is rarely an issue that our staff team cannot solve whilst helping each other. So always feel free to message us ingame or at Discord if you wish to ask a question.

We are always glad to welcome new players to our network and feel that it is our duty to give you the most comforting and premium experience possible with what we have.

Thank you, and welcome to ModRealms!

Discord Invite Link:


- No Griefing of Protected Areas!
- No Racism!
- No Spamming!
- Apply Common Sense at all times!
- Report all wrong-doings directly on the forums (with evidence)!
- Respect staff members!
- Have Fun!
I must say it has a very dedicated staff team with regular updates on their discord. hopefully they bring direpack 2.0 ;p
Posted 7th Jun 2018
Really nice community, highly recommend
Posted 29th May 2018
This is a honest review and not just to get a good rating. Overall it is a bullish 6/10.

-huge untouched map
-very little banned item count
-people not being kids, except me
-you can play in peace

-first impression of the owners troubleshooting ability seemed unimpressive
-tps lags
-sever downtime

we get there boys... come and play.
The server replied:
Hey! Thanks for the honest criticism, Good news is that we have implemented features to make sure that server's launch straight back up upon a crash! We hope to hear from you soon.
Posted 17th Apr 2018
Really good, low ping. High TPS. Highly recommended for long term players
Posted 13th Apr 2018
Great community with interesting Modpack. It's just being reborn so there's not a lot of people, but with it's increasing popularity, I have no doubt it will reach the top Networks once again.
Posted 29th Mar 2018