This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Zephyr MC BETA | Direwolf20 v5.3.2 Towny | No Whit


Server IP:

Server Website:

Rules: A major rule that we go by is just dont be an ass. So long as you are considerate in chat and not abusing anything, we are pretty easy going :)

Banned Items? We only ban a few mods/blocks to help the server with performance and prevent needless user crashing. The ban list is available at

How many open slots? We have 200 slots open to everyone on each server, Staff and Donors can ignore this restriction. You can connect to either IP and use either server.

I dont like being griefed, what can I do? We are a Towny server, either ask to join a town or create your own, however if you get griefed in the wild, just let an admin know and we can help you out

Quick tips to get started: We offer a free kit to all users who join the server, to receive this starter kit simply use the command /claim

When you find a place to call home you should set your home there with /sethome so that you can always return there with /home.

Staff team/Additional information? All of our server staff are allowed to play in the game, that being said if we play, we play legitimately. If you want to find out who our staff team is you can check our website for more information.

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