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Beyond-Mc -- FTB Beyond



Here at Beyond-Mc we have a great auto rank system to reward players for playing our server! Beyond is a City (aka. Towny) server so you and your friends can have tons of fun with no worry of being raided. The Beyond staff has worked and will very hard to make the server as good as possible. Here at Beyond-Mc every day when you vote you get in game cash, 1 solar panel and a Key! You also have a chance of getting special keys! The keys you receive from voting can exchanged against random rewards! Every player also gets 100 chunks that can be loaded. Every first Friday of the month the resource worlds will be reset. These are Miningworld, Nether and End.
Our server has a i7 6700K (4,0ghz) Skylake CPU, includes 64gb of ram and 500gb of SSD storage. We aim to have a lag clear environment, so everyone can have nice gaming experience. The server is also protected against DDOS.

Nothing but good experiences on this server. I only donate on servers when I see a healthy community, and administration that really does care about player experiences. I am thankful to say that this server fit that bill perfectly. 10/10 :)
Posted 27th Jul 2017
very good server, i appreciate that the map is not only on 4k blocs like other servers.. its a simple server without all that bling bling ugly things which does makes lag.
Posted 3rd Apr 2017
Started off great but too many forced server restarts with 0 warning. Admins are completely useless and give you attitude when asking for simple help. I don't recommend this server to anyone looking to play with decent people on a decent server.
The server replied:
We always warn you before we do a restart. If the server crashes and it gets online 5 mins later, its not a restart. If the server is having a memory leek and you are lagging, fine, im not going to restart the server to get rid of the memory leek.
Posted 1st Apr 2017
I really like this server, it's one of the good ones with interesting gameplay, Cool plugins, awesome economy and lots of active and nice players. However you'd be wasting your time asking for help as the higher up staff members don't care about any issues new players have and instead just want to trade from what I witnessed of 3~ hours of gameplay

I would certainly recommend this server for independent players who can solve their own problems or really want to have fun.
Posted 30th Mar 2017
I tried all other servers with small amounts to large amounts of players. This server was the only server that i found with NO server lag. Not to mention that the staff and players are very happy to help new players with questions and support. The owner is supersizing active, as well as all the staff. The plugins are great, and the anti grief protection is 1 in a million, with one to protect your land, and another to protect your stuff in chest, but not only chest, blocks such as furnaces to. I have played on the server for more then 3 weeks now, and I am not being paid, told, or supported to say this, I am saying it because its true.
Posted 27th Mar 2017