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Disgara RP

Disgara RP

pin_drop (private server)

We invite you to join our heavy roleplaying server with skill specialization system. Pick your profession and learn from skilled trainers or strike out on your own to learn more. Work with others to secure a home and survive against monsters, bandits and the elements! Includes Ars Magicka, Thaumcraft, Witchery, Blood Magic, Immersive Engineering, Railcraft and more!

Enjoy town life, become a warrior, smith, mage, engineer and many more with thousands of possible skill combinations. Go on epic quests against dungeons of custom built npcs, endure bandit raids and build a metropolis with a thriving economy or strike out on your own past the magical protections and create your own haven in the wilderness!

RP pvp and theft only (player consent, add to plot or atmosphere), no griefing. Frequent server events.

Register on to apply to the whitelist. Server start event on December 16th 2015 at 7pm CST, but feel free to join anytime after.

We look forward to seeing you online!

-The Disgara Team

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