This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Small Whitelist FTB Ultimate Server


This is a Whitelisted server running FTB Ultimate. PVP is disabled. Mob grief is disabled but we are on Normal difficulty. We have some easy recipes turned back on and we have all the extra biomes enabled as well. Small group of mature players only. We use a professional hosting service so the server runs excellent but the RAM limit is scaled for a small group, probably a max of 12-16 on at a time, aiming for total of 20 players or so. We want to maintain optimum performance and no matter how good the server, many FTB players accumulate stuff that slows it down, so we are a bit exclusive. The Owner reserves the right to add/drop players at any time and to manage land if needed, however the goal is for everyone to just play together, have fun, and respect each other. Have you seen Mindcrack? like that.

To be considered for whitelist, you need to be a mature Minecrafter interested in building for fun. PVP is not enabled. Leave a comment with a link to pics of your builds (use a photobucket or something), link to an enjin profile that has some stuff on it, something like that. Plus give a brief description of what you like to do/are doing in FTB.

If we contact you it will be through the social media you use to comment, so make sure to check your Spam folder in Facebook since the message won't be coming from your contacts.

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