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FTB sky Odyssey Server

FTB sky Odyssey Server


[ Sky Odyssey Goal ]
Its exactly the same thing as FTB Evolved but instead of starting on a land you start on a Floating Island , you must fellow the quest to advance through the modpack , you may choose a path for example : blood magic , Thaumcraft , botania , and so many many more but rest assured this is not the end , There is a PVP Arena with a Score Board where you can challenge people and earn point and get there loot , PVE and PVP events , We built some amazing HUGE island where people can fight for power with insane Loot and more , so , you can stay on you're island and pve or challenge you're self to take over a PVP island with no Claim .

We are a Bunch of Coding Student from Canada , we wanted to create our own server :) so join us onto our adventure !!

We are looking for staff feel free to apply :
Discord :
Server :
Site :
ModPack : FTB Sky Odyssey [NEW]
Minecraft version : 1.12.2

NO LAGGGGGGGGG <3 and the server is great and friendly
Posted 4th Apr 2019
nice and friendly , i enjoy the spawn , the moment i realize we are legit on a whale island xD
Posted 4th Apr 2019
amazing server , this is the only sky ody server with Faction sky island , you can also pve on youre own island but man this is insane
Posted 4th Apr 2019
eh kinda not really what i was looking for
The server replied:
i wish you could of stay a bit longer then 8 minutes , this server was built by people who love modded server and we want to share that passion and love to everyone through the implementation were adding weekly :) you are always welcome to join back <3 or if you wanna tell me more about what you were looking for you can add me on discord zaect#2576
Posted 3rd Apr 2019